Airport CEO Alpha 27.7 Released


Hello airport CEO!

With the large Alpha 27.6 making it out to the default branch last Thursday and the large influx of new players with the Steam summer sale we will be releasing daily patches for the default branch until it is stabilized.

Alpha 27.7 contains fixes for the most critical and frequent reported issues but we will continue to take care of highest and high impact bugs as well throughout the week.

The version will soak on the experimental branch for a while so if you want to play some ACEO don’t hesitate to check it out, if the overall health of the version is better than the current default one we will transition 27.7 to the default branch later tonight.

Also, stay tuned for this evening’s devlog!

Here’s the changelog for Alpha 27.7:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.7-0


  • [ACEO-4472] - Change wording from "Stand is occupied" to "Stand slot not available" as it can sometimes be shown when there isn't an aircraft on the stand
  • [ACEO-4488] - Add tool tip information on how to hire executives
  • [ACEO-4599] - Overhaul loading process for businesses and add step progression bar and waiting points for better stability
  • [ACEO-4600] - Increase stand and runway auto repair threshold to from 10% to 25% to trigger repair before object becomes unusable
  • [ACEO-4601] - Improve mod loading system to prevent issues with broken mods loading


  • [ACEO-4434] - Management sub-panels can in rare instances overlap each other
  • [ACEO-4438] - GA will occupy stand even if runway doesn't allow them to land at airport
  • [ACEO-4439] - Construction dirt patch does not always remove itself correctly on construction object completion
  • [ACEO-4443] - Faulty construction material order check causes multiple orders and multiple delivery trucks to spawn
  • [ACEO-4455] - Rare exception on flight slot dragger causing medium aircraft to be scheduled at small stand
  • [ACEO-4471] - Auto-save breaks fast forwarding
  • [ACEO-4537] - Mismatched descriptions for zoning in build menu
  • [ACEO-4579] - Initial contractors contract not always correctly spawned when launching a new world
  • [ACEO-4597] - Dashboard display in management panel does not load the budget graph correctly when loading a saved airport
  • [ACEO-4605] - Deactivation icon is display on certain items despite not being built
  • [ACEO-4607] - Minor visual bugs in relation to construction simulation


Is there anything in particular to look out for?


The two most critical issues were related to contractor contracts not being generated and endless truck deliveries, so if those two still happen we’d very much like to know (have of course tested a lot internally).


I have a save game on 27.7 which was started on 27.6 and it still has endless delivery truck bug. They just keep coming.


Breaker ten good buddy. WE got a Convoy…


Yeah, those will have to run to a completion, sorry. New saves from either before 27.6 and 27.5-X or as of Alpha 27.7 will not have this behavior… :truck:


Olof don’t be sorry. You and Fredrik are doing an amazing job and this bug is just iny-miny-tiny bug that can be fixed. What I worried was that the fix of endless delivery truck bug on 27.7 wasn’t working :slight_smile:


Today’s patch is here! Another critical fix for the overhauled construction system, should hopefully be the last one. Also a bunch of other stuff and as per usual this will soak for a while on the experimental branch and then be put on the default one.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.7-1


  • [ACEO-28] - Contractors should fall back to drop off site if all construction is complete and no suitable staff room is found
  • [ACEO-4647] - Add warning text when to disabling "default" businesses as player need to install mods to cover up for the disabled businesses and contracts
  • [ACEO-4673] - Add unwalkable border for small ATC tower and vehicle check-point


  • [ACEO-4430] - Aviation fuel contract can give zero fuel cost if set as business class "cheap"
  • [ACEO-4434] - Management sub-panels overlap when opening panel via lower interaction menu buttons without opening the management panel prior
  • [ACEO-4439] - Construction dirt patch does not always remove itself correctly on construction object completion
  • [ACEO-4446] - Contractors do not always return to an available staff room when there is no construction demand
  • [ACEO-4516] - No airline contracts being offered if mods doesn't have small aircraft types and user only has small stands
  • [ACEO-4527] - Amount of contractors deployed in world not correctly set when attempting to dismiss all
  • [ACEO-4644] - Not receiving any GA if use default is set to false
  • [ACEO-4659] - Contractors can in rare instances be deployed twice
  • [ACEO-4661] - Lack of delivery content type counter synchronization can cause new construction orders to not be recognized by the system
  • [ACEO-4662] - Employees do not exit a room if the staff rooms allowed types change or if it closes while they rest or work

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4660] - Implement buttons to quickly access the public Trello development boards on main menu


Add unwalkable border for small ATC tower and vehicle check-point

What does this mean?


Basically means that contractors won’t run immediately through the object but instead around it and/or via attached sidewalks.


Thank you. That makes more sense.


Thanks for the daily updates guys!

What I notice is that when PAX or personnel encounter issues with pathfinding the notification system is vey ‘tight’, as in the system directly pushes out a message when a pathfinding issue is found. When I click the magnifying glass directly when the notification is shown to zoom in on the issue, the issue is already gone and the person in question is on their way again. So from the looks of it the notification system is spot on but for the amount of messages a bit too spot on as 90% of the ‘cannot find path (of any source)’ messages do not actually make sense because people found their way already.

I don’t know how the notification system works and if it builds a queue of pathfinding issues for 1 person and at some point decides to send out a notification, or that it sends out a notification right away. Either way, the system now shows a majority of ‘useless’ notifications also because I cannot track why these people cannot find their path as the issue is gone already.


Yeah, I completely agree and am going to fix this. The notification system was originally never intended to be used by throwing notifications from passengers but instead only aircraft incidents. However as we noticed that there were a lot of issues with passengers not making it across certain areas we’ve gradually implemented tools to help inform a player of those issues, starting with notifications and then ultimately adding the incident investigation overlay. But yeah, a notifications is thrown immediately upon an incident being created and for when example a security check-point has a shift change all of those notifications are really just false flags.

This will be fixed with behavioral improvements as well as adding notification thresholds, there are a few tickets in place for fixing these aspects and I will try to get to it this week as we’re now getting less and less critical bug reports.


I have been following up on this game for a while now. I created a forums account in advance, maybe by the next update I can finally enjoy this game myself.


What are your biggest pain points right now?


Just a bit too little content at the moment, I know that’ll change soon.


Thanks! Sounds good that things like thresholds will be implemented, will reduce the number of notifications a lot!


Maybe you can just push back the “time-out” time before pushing a notification? Maybe make a setting box. So the players can set the timeout time?


Yes, that’s one possible solution and a good idea. Either a cool down, or a threshold counter, I will do some more thinking. I also need to adjust where notifications are generated from and make it a bit generic, I have however made some adjustments in 27.7-2 which is coming up now that should fix some of it but we’ll push another update tomorrow where the solution will be final.


Sweden just beat Mexico with 3-0 and Alpha 27.7-2 is out. What an afternoon!

More updates to come tomorrow.

Here’s the change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.7-2


  • [ACEO-4570] - Enhance clarity on incorrect taxiway path connection to runway center line
  • [ACEO-4627] - Enhance clarity in tutorial that one holding point per runway entrance is required
  • [ACEO-4637] - Save resolved incidents to avoid notifications not being able to center on an issue
  • [ACEO-4705] - Adjust construction simulation so that earth tiles are not spawned when constructing objects inside


  • [ACEO-4439] - Construction dirt patch does not always remove itself correctly on construction object completion
  • [ACEO-4477] - Taxiway node overlay sometimes not disappearing when toggling the overlay
  • [ACEO-4498] - Building taxiway foundations on top of concrete tiles freezes building
  • [ACEO-4652] - Foundation can be changed on object you are building by just hovering over a new type in the build menu.
  • [ACEO-4663] - Add incident notification if an item is broken or filthy but no service technician or janitor is hired
  • [ACEO-4695] - Cancelled general aviation flights causing commercial flights not to land as stand is still occupied.
  • [ACEO-4709] - World notifications do not spawn on deserialized broken objects
  • [ACEO-4710] - Hover panel color not correctly set when hovering over a world notification on the first round
  • [ACEO-4719] - Use default business toggle cannot be toggled in mod menu