Airport CEO Alpha 27.7 Released


It’s working now veryhappy! Construction dirt patch does not always remove itself correctly on construction object completion


Hey, since 27.7-1 update i think pathfinding works like a charm (like never before - at least for me). Is still someone having zoning issues? i placed some new gate seats (no zoning), zoned it afterwards as secure and after first pax arrived at the gate they didnt sit down. After deleteing and replacing the gate seats problem dissapeared. So there is still a “zoning or seat” problem not critical but it seems to exist - no hurry - bug report send.


27.7-2 and there are still endless delivery trucks spawning.


Reinstall game fixed it for me.


Is it a new (27.7-2) or an old save?


Same goes for baggage. I kept getting stuck bags notifications but clicking on the notification did nothing. I assume it was due to my carousels being too small and bags were backing up, but I was unable to click on bags to see what flight they came from.


Hello SIr,is there a plant to release the Chinese Language support?


Is it a new (27.7-2) or an old save?

Old save. I started airport on 27.6


All right, well then you need to either wait it out or start a new airport with the latest version.

Yup, there’s an issue here and it’s related to poor code on fetching destination for baggage. Will see if I can get the time today to implement a fix, it’s a fairly easy one.



I have the problem that a lot of Pax (and bags) are getting stuck in front of the checkin counters.

When I restart the game most of these people finally head towards the bus stops.

Unfortunately, performance gets really bad when all these passengers are on top of each other. So I permanently have to restart the game.
A few days ago, I submitted a bug report, but if I remember correctly that focussed more on the bags which are left behind at the counters not on the Pax.


@Olof having had such a busy week, Fredrik or yourself mentioned new goodies this week, did I miss them?


Why ask when you can look? :wink: ->

Nothing big, just a few minor things. Feature requests will be updated with jira issues tonight. :slight_smile:


This will get fixed in tonight’s patch!


Oh wow, weather, does that mean runway operating from either end will be re-implimented?


Unfortunately it just seems like performance is still a rather large issue. Once I get about 2500+ or 10 or more stands the game just slows to a crawl, and I have a pretty decent PC (8GB RAM, i5 4.4ghz, GTX 1070TI) on Low settings. Unfortunately the game doesn’t even really utilize my PC before it slows to a crawl. I’d love to keep building my airport, or start a new one, but I know it is hopeless because they will all have the same unfix able problem - it gets big enough and just becomes unplayable; even though half the map is still available. I have millions to spend on my airport but I know that I can’t because it will ultimately kill it.

Performance is much better than it used to be, but it just makes it harder and harder to load up the game each day when I know the limiting factor of my airport is the performance of the game.


And it will continue to improve. You could play around with the passenger spawning ratio to have a lower number of passengers in the terminal but still expand your operations (game play settings panel) as those are most likely the performance culprit in this case.


I can +1 on that. People are just sitting there.


Deploying Alpha 27.7-3 right now on the experimental branch, it’s a mid-way patch so we most likely won’t deploy this to the default branch this weekend as we have some important fixes to complete prior to that but we wanted to get some critical fixes out for those who are experiencing specific problems.

The weather system has been broken for quite some time and this update will not re-enable the effects but it will start to cycle the weather again. Some of you will because of this have very frequent weather updates as the system will start cycle through the queued states. This will be fixed in the next update.

We’re also testing a new notification setting for persons in regards to how they resolve incidents (simply stuff under the hood, but that’s why this update is quite experimental).

Here’s the full change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.7-3


  • [ACEO-4768] - Add new weather station graphics
  • [ACEO-4769] - Add new light pole graphics


  • [ACEO-4544] - Incorrect connection points on vehicle depot causing fuel and service trucks to get stuck at road checkpoint
  • [ACEO-4546] - Warning text not fading in correctly when paused
  • [ACEO-4580] - Weather system does not cycle weather states
  • [ACEO-4588] - Saving when people are boarding a small stand can cause passengers to get stranded when loading
  • [ACEO-4688] - Null reference issue causes check in process to stop and bags be dropped near check in desk
  • [ACEO-4724] - Secure area zone number for items does not update correctly when merging secure zone areas
  • [ACEO-4731] - "Private" misspelled in employee resume
  • [ACEO-4748] - Persons cannot discover that an assigned target node is too far away from their initial destination target causing them to walk across zones and objects

New Feature


The lightpoles are 3D!!! What is this!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Yes and no, the game has always been in ”3D”, it’s just a flat world with a locked camera where we use negative z-values to enhance depth. For the new light poles it was really difficult to get that sense of depth without the actual pole ans since these are objects that are expected to be very high up we thought that actually implementing a vertical pole did not break (compared to other objects), but enhance, the sense of depth!