Airport CEO Alpha 27.7 Released


@Olof - is there a “cleaning” task for left bags, for janitors for example (or maybe security?)? Then when stuff like the “lost” bags happen, they get removed over time at least.


New lights and small fuel depot looks beautiful :slight_smile:


If a bag is on it’s way to the cargo bay or on it’s way to the bagage claim area you can left click the bagage and choose ‘Mark for removal’ or ‘Mark for rescue’. When you choose removal I’ve seen that this bagage is removed and the other bagage will flow through. I’ve not yet tried the rescue option, I assume this should work when you have the scan station and destroyer up and running.

By the way, just thinking about it now it’s a bit strange that everything around the bagage is called ‘Cargo’ as we don’t have cargo in the game (yet) :thinking: Technically it is cargo of course, but it doesn’t feel like the correct wording at this stage. What would the bagage related systems be called when cargo is implemented in the end? (just a Saturday early morning reverie :blush:)


With earlier bugs baggage was all over the airport, it would be nice if the game had a base function for cleaning up “lost baggage”.

The “cargo” usage is irritating indeed.


New weather update for every ingame 5 minutes, it’s a little too much for me.


If you read Olof comment with the patch notes he confirms that weather updates may be more frequent but that will be patched later


i loved the new updates - i really wished the fuel tanks would attach to small fuel depot


Lots of PAX using the food room, but they don’t seem to be sitting? Anyone else getting this?


Is it a secure area? is the seating bug still active? maybe re-secure it?


No, it’s not secure, it’s before the security point.


What if you make the shop secure, and then remove the secure area again? ( You never know :wink: )


It only gets about about a fifth of the PAX traffic. Strange I know. First time I’ve seen food gets more traffic insecure side. It could BE the way this is built. I’ve changed it between a secure and un-secure area a few times as I thought that might what it could be.


Thanks Olof.

I’m in the gameplay settings panel but I don’t see anything about a passenger spawning ratio. Any assistance?


Did you ever count the “new flights” notifications… when you have the Flight-planner set on automatic planning?