Airport CEO Alpha 27.8-3 Released


Okay, tried to load my save. Didn’t work. Quit the game. Tried to load again. Still didn’t work. Quit again. Loaded ACEO to menu screen. Clicked on the “Make it Custom” section. All looked as it should. Selected my save game and it worked that time.


Hey guys, can somebody please tell me what the aceoteam meant by that? Is this something new?

Add ground power unit and air conditioning unit as decoration when an aircraft is parked at medium stand


I think it’s for the sake of realism, only decorative purpose. Normally, you have GPUs and ACUs next to a parking aircraft.


I have the problems with “can’t leave secure zone”, misaligned staff at boarding desk too since 27.8-2 update. Filed a bugreport too (2 days ago - but just saw that it isn’t visible in trello so maybe it didn’t send it correctly? - ingame bugreport said “sent” + gave me report number -> sadly not having anymore). If I have time today i would file it again if necessary.


We’ve just deployed Alpha 27.8-3 and it will immediately get transferred to the default branch since we have a critical bug on the current version regarding expansion of secure zone areas.

Here’s the change log for this version:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.8-3


  • [ACEO-5019] - Increase door opening and closing speed
  • [ACEO-5022] - Rename "car drop off" to "car stop"
  • [ACEO-5023] - Rename "contractor dropoff site" to "contractor transfer site"
  • [ACEO-5051] - Improve text for error message "stand is unavailable" to include information about earlier delayed flights


  • [ACEO-4586] - Employee panel does in rare cases not hide correctly and can get stuck
  • [ACEO-5005] - Franchise staff does not leave airport if their associated work object gets demolished
  • [ACEO-5046] - Secure zone areas are sometimes not recognizing security exits and security check-points on build


Great update with a fix for the security bug.


Any words on the new stuff?


In tonight’s devlog! :smiley:


Nice! I been getting new stuff too lately. I’m building a new studio computer!!


Can bug information that is filled in, please stay in the bugreport when you click outside the bug window, re-entering stuff is boring, thx.

Still no tab index in it btw.

My deleted building that I un-deleted by CRTL DELETE was just demolished by my builders.

There we go, a video;

  1. build a building
  2. delete it
  3. CRTL delete it
  4. see it removed anyway

Why can we not CLOSE a vehicle depot in current build? my airport is spawning alerts for a depot that is in a new wing that is not connected, but I cant close it any more like I used to do. Oh, you can de-activate it in right click menu, then why no CLOSE sign on top of the building?

Reported my tree on taxiway bug :smiley:


Can we please have shops that have a contract completed, have a “locator” on them? thx.

And maybe a better distinction between a closed and a vacant shop?


When firing people, you have no idea of the COUNT in employee types.

I just hired upto 100 security staff, and just hired a batch more, so I can fire the ones I rushed in with bad skill-sets, but when firing staff, I have to look in the STAFF MENU of operations to see if I can fire more or not.

Please ad a count in the TOP bar :slight_smile:


Can Boarding desk names pls be derived from the stand-name they are connected to? thx.


You got a hundred applicants. WOW. :wink: I know the work that went into getting that many. :grin:


Firing and hiring Ramp Agents atm, it is very difficult to assemble a decent ramp agent pool.

And the rehiring spree is 5 at a time, even if you have like 22 stands, very weird.


Not just ramp agent, all staff as far as I’m concerned. Impressed with those levels though… no delayed flights for you :rofl:


Do the staff skills have any impact in the current build? I was under the impression that they dont mean anything currently


Should search the forums, but the skills do effect the efficiency.


Wow this is so different to my usual staffing arrangements. My latest project has 12 stands and I’m at 30 airport staff, 31 security, 10 service techs and 60 ramp agents.

Usually I try to balance the airport staff/security/service techs/ramp agents with the jobs available.

However, even when I have 60+ janitors, the jobs available for janitors always seems to exceed 200+. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the airport cleaner or make my janitors more effective? Does placing bins around the airport help, or they just decoration?


Several people want zoning for them, it is in the feature request list somewhere, like in Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Try storing 100’s of security agents.

The reason why staff numbers go up very fast;

Every medium stand needs 4 ramp agents, and that is without break timers. Above the 50 staffers breaks can make or break your turnaround times.

Besides, every Baggage Carousel needs 6 to 8 ramp agents for each 4 medium stands. Also you need 4 administration workers for each medium stand (2 check in - 2 boarding) and 2 medium secure stations.

So, every 4 medium stands need about 24 ramp agents, 16 staffers, 8 security personal, makes at least 48 staffers. Not counting breaks and the current handicap of airports sending a staffer from the other end of your terminals.

Then you dont have cleaners and repairman for those gates yet.

Since the revamp of the Staff Room menu at least the “settings” bug is no longer there; thats a plus :slight_smile: