Airport CEO Alpha 27.8-3 Released



Thats really interesting. I tend to put 3-4 ramp agents for a medium stand, on the understanding the stand is not always occupied and staff can move to another stand where needed. I see the benefit of having extras in terms of efficiency. I have 120 mins between flights using the stands, perhaps with more staffing I could make that shorter…


When automaticly SEND AWAY is enabled on a stand, can we get an alert on the STAND ID pls? thx.


@olof I’ve started a new small regional airport and just started plumbing in the baggage system. Went looking for the upgrades but it seems I can build the baggage system without it being unlocked. [ACEO-5512]

Hmmmm, Allure ATR42??? Same Bug report.


Are you sure game is not Sandbox?


Never play sandbox.


I’ve had to restart a game cause it unlocked night flights without me unlocking it. Later on it happenned with another, both games were created in 27.8-3 so i’m sure this update has something to do with it.


I have had that issue with night flights and the baggage system :slight_smile: they were both unlocked without me researching them


The Baggage cargo menu has another bug, did not report it yet;

When a new Baggage Item finishes, the menu moves over any other current overlay you have open.


@Fredrik Multipul liveries seem to have stopped working for me. I keep getting the same one now all the time. [ACEO-5605]


@Rubble I have the same issue of seeing the same livery over and over again lol. Not exactly sure when the randomization stopped working but a little diversity wouldn’t hurt.


Depot name changes have a huge delay in updating, did somebody already file a bug report for that?

Btw, can we get a SELECT FILTER option in the staff menu next to the CHOOSE TYPE menu?


When “rescheduling” a flight, morning timers are displayed as evening clock times.


I have only one food court space in this build, yet I’ve got two active contracts. It should be in [ACEO-5605] submitted as well.


Issue has been identified. Not sure when a fix will occur though. :frowning: New logic is required.


Ahh thanks for the update on that issue. New logic seems to be a pretty logical solution if you ask me. :joy: that was bad I know, but I’m sure they’ll get around to a fix within due time.


Does anyone else experience this? I have a contract that is at 100% rating. Yet I only ever get three or four flights from them max. That includes the scheduled ones as well. All my other contracts (100% as well) are giving 20 plus flights each.


@Fredrik A few areas I’ve noticed that the graphics are not working with the 512px versions of the logos.



What kind of contract is it?

Medium planes? Small planes?

Some carriers do the one better as the other.

Secondly, how is your divider in the Flight-planner? Maybe adjust it to accommodate this carriër.

BTW, how did your staff improvement program work out?


It my standard Air New Zealand contract. It does it with some of the others as well. They are just bog standard 737’s with a pretty livery on them. Sky Fly, a game one, also exhibits the same pattern as well. I’ve adjusted the sliders, but do they do anything as of now?

SIP on Staff, Security and Service worked wonders. Ramp agents and Janitors still leave something to be desired.