Airport CEO Alpha 27.8-3 Released


I’m not seeing any update @Olof . Is it live for Mac 27.8-3?


I’m too getting get 27.8-3 Windows


I can’t see an update either… (Mac)


Nothing on mine either (windows)


I don’t see it either


Sorry, that post was meant for an internal release test group. Consider it a sneak peek into the inner development process and our hard work to get remote stands and other features out to the experimental branch as soon as possible! :wink:


aaah maaaannnnnnn i was way to excited. But hope to see it soon indeed!!! :slight_smile:


Welp, that explains why I didn’t see it. Soon. :rofl:


Trying not to be impatient, but can we have an update


I believe they’re at gamescom atm, but development should continue (a bit slower)


I think that we are getting a dev log today with pics of the remote stand process


Yes, there’ll be a devlog later today! :slight_smile:


Great !


YASSSS. Thank you.


Nice! And can’t wait for the summer to end it’s been a tough one. I finally got to ride a water ride at a theme park to cool off I could do it everyday!


Whooo! Can’t wait :smile: I wonder whether the devlog will also say something regarding an update for the experimental branch :smirk:


So, when is this devlog


When we look in the past, normally around 2 o’clock CEST tonight :wink:


Oh CEST is the same hour in France, maybe if I am not to tired…


I am out. Would left me with less than 4 hours sleep the night. xD