Airport CEO Alpha 27.8-3 Released


It’s coming in a little while! :slight_smile:


You mean Soon™ right? :rofl:


My thoughts exactly :smiley:


It won’t be to late for me to read it! It be 6PM/7PM Eastcoast U.S. Time!


Here you go:


Morning! The DevBlog is here!


A couple of images I stumbled across. :rofl:



I’m not sure if this has been reported or not so I thought I’d ask before I created a bug report just so you don’t have to deal with another duplicate.

Has a glitch were the baggage trays are being attached to passengers happening to anyone else? Here’s an example.

Another thing that will happen is that for some reason baggage carousels will get stuck and the bags on it won’t move even when there is room. Once a certain person collects a bag it starts moving again and other passengers will then take their bags.


The tray issue is fixed, along with several remote stand issues. We’ll try to publish it as soon as possible!


Awesome. Thanks!