Airport CEO Alpha 27.8 Released [Experimental]


Yup, remote stands if I’m not correct?:grin: they do look sweet as well. Already have space for them on my latest build. Hoping Jettuh sees this now?

But most of the airside is illuminated as well. Our current stand lights on illuminate very little of the stand, hence the suggestion to get more lights for air side.


remote stands with small jetways?? :o


@Olof It could be gate seating that triggers the warning too. It seems PAX are wanting to go to non-secure areas that are newly built, yet not secure.


Oh WOW… just had a situation that previously would’ve locked one planes movements. It had a bit of a pause, but then moved right along. WOW loving that ATC upgrade. Let’s make it even smarter.


Great! Really glad to hear that. :slight_smile: I think the system will work best when it is not too crowded on the airport as it will probably struggle to find clear paths if there are multiple aircraft occupying multiple taxiways. Anyway glad that you could see some result already now, we will continue to test it and see if we can improve on it even more. :slight_smile:


@Fredrik website is spelt incorrectly on the main home screen :slight_smile:


Im not sure if this is a bug, or if im just a bad airport manager- everyone is gathering in one space of my airport. I have plenty of staff, security, etc.


Same. Sometimes reopening the planner already solves it.


Check the stand doors, can you remove a wall under them?


Have you filed a bug report for this issue? I need to check the save, what’s the issue number?

Also, was this save created with Alpha 27.8-x or an earlier version?


4918 I sent in with. Was 278 but still does it on 27.8-1 as well. If you want the latest version just shout.


In some social media the shadow is over the icon


What’s your graphics card model? Do you have the latest graphics drivers?


@Fredrik That ATC upgrade is just awesome. Looking forward to its refinement that’s pending. It is already a major upgrade over the old system. Great work.

Duel taxiways working as they should for me right now. Most excellent.

Get line up and wait working and it will be even more amazing… :smiley:


First time I’ve been able to support nine medium stands on a single runway without running in to issues. Amazing.


This is the image without the PS enhancements and the top five stands built… I dd tell you the PS work was minimal. Spacing is set for LARGE aircraft south side of concourse A. They may not be generally available but if you know how, you can get them.

This is the original map size too, so bare that in mind when you wish for large aircraft.


Hey again!

27.8-2 is out and will eventually hit the default branch as soon as possible.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.8-2


  • [ACEO-4894] - Enhance displayment of estimated time of weather arrival in weather panel
  • [ACEO-4948] - Enable in-game settings panel to show and hide with UI components disabled to improve UI performance when animating associated panels
  • [ACEO-4949] - Remove dictionary looping to improve overall passenger, employee and asset (bags) list processing performance


  • [ACEO-4435] - Missing road connection check on transit structures can cause certain transportation vehicle to deadlock
  • [ACEO-4863] - "Save game" prompt when quitting to desktop does in some cases not save the game
  • [ACEO-4903] - NullReferenceException thrown when determining average order delivery content type can break the delivery process
  • [ACEO-4928] - Vehicle trailer position update coroutine can in rare cases cause notable performance degradation
  • [ACEO-4939] - Game play settings panel does not save settings when closed
  • [ACEO-4954] - Weather panel displays white boxes and null lines when nearing end of current day forecast
  • [ACEO-4955] - Weather summary button does not update immediately when launch game
  • [ACEO-4956] - Weather summary button updates even thoguh a weather station has not been built

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4953] - Add ground power unit and air conditioning unit as decoration when an aircraft is parked at medium stand