Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


Can’t get these planes to move. Had big time framerate issues so I figured I would shut down the airport to be easier to delete stands. Now these aircraft are stuck on top of each other. Reset aircraft paths doesn’t work neither does reloading the game.


Also, is there a reason why my baggage handling system gets disabled each time I load the game?


That should be fixed… what steps exactly are you taking to have this bug happen?


Yes, still 4 hour turnaround on remote stands, i made a new save on 28.2 today with only remote stands and still 4 hours


I shut the airport down and they got stuck at the runway. Then I reset all aircraft paths and the result is what you see above. I’m kinda stuck until I can get this fixed :frowning:


Can we get a pic of all your taxi-ways?


I have the same problem but with GA, the move a little with the reset of the aircraft path but still the same…


Here ya go Stu


You have holding points in the wrong places, they should only go on runway exits and entrances. The ones on the taxi-ways are not needed and can mess up path finding - they don’t work as creating blocks for aircraft to move in. Try removing the excess ones.


Those arent runway holding points. They are the blocks that you can create when you right click a taxi node.


Oh right sorry my bad, looking at image on the phone.


We have identified an issue with aircraft and runway holding. Will publish an update later this evening! :slight_smile:


Sweeeeet. I guess I’m done playing for the day then lol


Nope, not fixed for me. Every time I re-load the game the baggage system still disables itself.


Can’t reproduce it here, what exact steps are you taking to have it be disabled on load?


Nothing. I save and then on re-load it’s disabled.


I will probably have to take a look at your save. Can you send it in?


Yeah, give me about an hour. Also I don’t know if it’s looking into but the baggage claim sometimes gets clogged with 1 bag and then whole conveyor stops. Once the bag despawns it starts going again. Oh and also the thing with the clogged planes has somehow fixed itself.


Hey Olof, I found a few more issues. Can I include them in one bug report or do I have to submit each one?

I now have an issue where nobody is boarding the planes. They aren’t even checking in. The plane leaves empty yet on the stand status it says “Boarding Completed 0/XXX”


On the first pic you can see the stand details which shows in Green the boarding is complete. The second one shows a different plane with the same details but it shows the passengers waiting for the bus.