Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


@Olof @Fredrik
Any news about “ACEO-6136 ⁃ Enable vehicles to pass around waiting vehicles in front blocking traffic”?
On Trello I see it’s listed with highest priority, but still in Review. Are further savegames needed?

It happens at my airport very often and I would be happy if it would be ready for deployment on experimental sometime soon™. :slight_smile:

  • When building terminal, can the engine stop producing walls between joint build blocks of the terminal space?

  • Oh, the information blocks on stands are very informative, good job.

  • Staffrooms behind security seem to be found by staff nowadays, mmm, unless they are rampagents (6501).

  • Can we get a procurement shortcut in Vehicles Menu?

  • Vehicle depot name update delay is still an issue. (6500) - Lol, and the list sorting is also random ;).

  • When opening the economy tab from sidebar, the construction menu does not close.

  • Still wondering about the following; how does a 100% airstrip upgrade, not also repair damage?

  • Can the vehicles menu pls sort on depot name?

  • Seems the small airfield tutorial is completely working, was able to fulfill all requirements; and it seems the Regional Airport is also fully working, I completed it on the fly too :smiley:

  • Can we get a new flight notification delay setting in the Flight planner? I would like to set it on 24hrs.

  • Does the game ever get achievements? Hope so, I really would like to know how many ramp agents I fired over my several airports :smiley:


And/or a (additional) filter to only show vehicles (of a specific type) of a specific depot.


There is already a type filter based on job type, just not on vehicle type, did you mean that specifically?


I know … I mentioned the filter for vehicle types in brackets because I liked to make clear, that you should still be able to filter by vehicle type after you’ve set an filter for the vehicle depot. So you can combine both filters, not to replace them. :slight_smile: Guess, that wasn’t so clear as intended.

  • Ok; I think I found a neat one; I think I fired an Airport Staff employee that was on her way to a boarding desk, and now the boarding desk is not calling a new agent :smiley: (6503)

  • When updating the UI/UX of staff; can we get a sorting filter on all 4 skills? from low to high, i.e.; I would like to fire all Ramp Agents that are on the low scale of the logical skill index; now you have to glance over tens of rows to spot the low ones to fire them, then you could just pick from the sorted list.


What does custom ECS do? And what is it? I am curious.


@pderuiter did a great write up about ECS. Very interesting read.


Tonight’s update is postponed until tomorrow evening! :slight_smile:


The traffic is always jammed up because of the stuck/waiting servicecars. All the time I have to use F10 and get them unstuck (therefore it’s no queue behind them in the picture).


@mr2chris are you sure zoning is correct? Could you show a picture with zones enabled?


Heres the zoning for the same area (a save and quit, and start and reload removed the stuck servicecars btw)


@mr2chris Hmm your service cars are at least doing something. My service cars are still in depot and doing nothing ?
Could it be as I see from your picture I have to set security or staff zone on the service road from vehicle depot to the service car place ?


@Jovzin Yeah, as far as I have figured out you need to make both the path to service car place and the service car place itself to staff and security zone


Here is what happens if I dont pay attention … the waiting/stuck service car is blocking all of the traffic.


One thing I’ve found with roads, never put a junction next to where they will stop. I’ve had the same situation as yours where the car blocks the road not allowing anything past.

I’d make that a four way and stack the two service car stops on top of each other rotated 90 degrees.


And to continue this. Also notice for @MoJo

I tested this again furthermore and after newest update i noticed that my stands didnt have active service car link. After latest update or something devs added notice and you cannot turn on remote passenger stands without service car link and thats how i figured it out, lol. Now all my stands has service car stand link and every planes are landing. Tested this at least for 5 game days.

I dont know how and why planes stopped landing after service car link is missing… It shouldnt affect other planes and stands.


Just a suggestion for now; move the service-car stops into a rotated position on a 90 degree angel on the main road, then when it gets stuck, it does not create queues.

We can still build Baggage Handling facilities without Baggage Handling procured.


I re-reported that to Fredrik the other day :grin:


@jasperwillem Yeah, I was thinking about creating a “loop”, so the service car stops isn’t placed at the main roads… but thats a workaroud, I hope they can fix this instead :wink: