Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]

  • Bug report failing due to a mismatch in versioning should not error out in a general error, but in a versioning error.


Just try slowing down time a bit, we are not asking for something massive. You will see how positive a change it will be.



Just dropping in for a quick update. Will get back to normal support on Monday and during the rest of the week.

Alpha 28.2-1 change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.2-1


  • [ACEO-6461] - Implement custom ECS for aircraft movement


  • [ACEO-6103] - Saves older that version 0.23 is stored with incompatible values causing loading to freeze.
  • [ACEO-6465] - Aircraft stuck on runway crossing
  • [ACEO-6490] - Only the first flight in a series get adjusted turnaround time for remote stands

New Feature

  • [ACEO-6538] - Implement three new person car models


Thanks for another great update. Do we will notice anything with the custom ECS implemented?

  • [ACEO-6461 ] - Implement custom ECS for aircraft movement

Olof I got a bad news for you. Remember back in days when 10 aircrafts were waiting and giving way to a Cessna to reach its destination? Now it happens with ECS update. Airplanes wait each other even there are alternative routes.

Also I got a suggestion; for remote stands change service car, ramp agent who will serve to that remote stand, belt loader and belt truck triggers from “when airplane reach to stand” to “when airplane passes eunway holding point” like how apron bus and stairs truck is.

Make every ground trigger to “passing holding point” so live would be easier :slight_smile:


After a while the ramp agents get activity empty and disappear from the map. I need every once in while to fire these agents and hire new ones.


I second that. Good idea.


@jasperwillem Here’s the workaround, and the traffic jam is gone.


Is it just me, or do aircrafts move faster now?


My “stuck planes” problem is now gone with the new update. I had major problem with this earlier.
They still tend to wait for crossing planes that are far far ahead, but they don’t get stuck anymore! Now the game is playable again :smiley:

The turnaround seems to work more smoothly also, the only thing that get plane-delay is that ONE passenger that’s missing.

I still think the boarding should close at the departuretime - or 10 minutes after or something. The planes shouldn’t wait 1-1.5 hour for a passenger that’s sitting on the opposite side of the terminal drinking coffee.


Right. Boarding should close may a quarter hour before departure.


Hmm after the update. My ramp agents together with baggage car and service trucks are not taking bagage to the plain and out of the plane. Nothing is going out from depot only car with stair and fuel car. But no service truck or baggage car. Ramp agents are only doing inspection but no baggage unloading and loading :frowning:

EDIT: Hmm the baggage system was put to OFF after I load my save game… A bug ?


It is a reported bug that has been happening on and off for some time.


I’m still getting the bug where my passengers go outside after checking in. Then the plane leaves empty.

EDIT: Works ok after a reload but breaks again after about 5 minutes real time. All planes leave empty with the passengers waiting at the bus stops.


Not really, think of this is proof of concept. The aircraft systems are not performance heavy and this ECS approach is mainly done to improve performance. The idea is that we test in on aircraft, which is less complex, and then we migrate some of the passenger logic into ECS. That will increase the performance and allow many more persons in a world before the fps start to decrease. This is all to prepare for the bigger planes and multiple-floor.


Yesterday I tested 28.2.1 with new airport. I don’t see critical bugs but I reported 10-ish small and medium priority bugs. The most important one was runway extensions and bugs related to it.


I agree. There are upcoming behavior changes to fix these issues.

Yes, I’ve seen this being reported but have not been able to recreate it on my machine. Something is going on here but it seems to be bearing an OS specific issue (pr something else) rather than our code base being broken. Am currently investigating this.


Sent in bug report yesterday that i still only get 4 hour turnaround on remote stand. Planes do not leave on time.


I noticed sometimes medium security checkpoints are not operated while there is security at the checkpoints. I just sudmitted a ticket (6602)


Yess, i have this problem to