Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


They said on Twitter it was going to come later in the week so they could get more dev time in and update us later




I have got the same issues. But at the small remote stand only. And they get unstuck after reload.
However, you have to keep an eagle eye at the small remote stands.


So new version today ? In the evening or ?

EDIT: There is always one guy that is not boarding for remote stand. I have 2 remote stands and every time one guy will somehow not fit in the bus or something.
And as you can see below the issue with ppl comming to airport but forgetting to go through checkin :frowning:


We intended to deploy a new version today, yes, however we currently cannot push to our git repo due to a LFS related server error on Bitbuckets part… have filed a support ticket but currently we cannot do anything but wait. Hopefully this issue is resolved tomorrow, or even tonight, depending on their speed. Will update here as soon as I know.


Any update on when the multifloor will be ready for the small testing group? Curious as to when this might be getting close for experimental branch.


You See it on the Trello board :neutral_face:


Just got word back from Atlassian, they’re experiencing an issue with Bitbucket media adapters for git LFS which can be mitigated using git lfs push instead but we’re not able to try this solution until tomorrow. Will get back to you tomorrow once we’ve solved this with a new update! :slight_smile:

This epic is currently on hold for passenger improvements efforts and other features, the rendering part for multiple floors are more or less done and what’s left is the building aspect and, more importantly, the path-finding aspect. We have no estimation right now as to when an experimental version of this can be deployed.


Thanks for the update Olof. :slight_smile:


Our git LFS is now working again. We will continue to work throughout the day to utilize the full time of our work hours and push an update later this evening!


Alpha 28.3 going up now! Got some new content rolling in this one and a regular ol’ bug patch with the latest bugs is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (stuck vehicles, pax and the ususal).

We’re holding of on the devlog for this week, simply don’t feel like we have time to allocate for it. Will evaluate if we have time for it on Monday and take action then. I’ll let you know regardless! Enjoy this screen shot in the meantime:

Change logs here:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.3-0


  • [ACEO-6633] - Reduce time it takes for persons to find intractable items in the world
  • [ACEO-6634] - Migrate various passenger logic updates to custom ECS solution to reduce load per frame
  • [ACEO-6637] - Improve business product spawning system
  • [ACEO-6638] - Improve passenger shopping behavior


  • [ACEO-6136] - Enable vehicles to pass around waiting vehicles in front blocking traffic
  • [ACEO-6477] - Asphalt and concrete tiles overlay runway exit
  • [ACEO-6495] - NullReferenceException issue causing game to lag when switching save
  • [ACEO-6502] - One way taxiway nodes reverses when built horizontal
  • [ACEO-6575] - Male and female first names reversed
  • [ACEO-6576] - Departure aircraft go to entrance on wrong side of runway
  • [ACEO-6580] - Passengers walk on road instead of sidewalk in secure area
  • [ACEO-6583] - Planes piling up on each other on runway entrance instead of lining up in queue.
  • [ACEO-6586] - Security check-point stops working after shift change
  • [ACEO-6592] - Aircraft can get stuck on taxiway if stand assignment is out of sync
  • [ACEO-6629] - Large terminal can cause floor texture to be blurred
  • [ACEO-6635] - Staff does not deserialize correctly due to exception in ECS class
  • [ACEO-6641] - Wrong referencing list for owned person assets causes duplicate asset reference IDs to be written into multiple carrying slots causing incorrect asset handling
  • [ACEO-6650] - Fence not connecting with road checkpoint built in-fence

New Feature

  • [ACEO-6491] - Implement medium and large windows
  • [ACEO-6539] - Implement new product sprites


Windows has a door icon FYI :yum:


You can also build glass jetways barriers too :rofl:

Have you thought about making the end of the jetway terminate as a door structure? That would solve the glass going through them? Pretty much every (all) jetways I’ve been through have been through doors as well.

They look beautiful @Jettuh :grinning: My only OCD thing is there’s one block of foundation between stands due to widths not being an even number :scream:

Had you thought about making the concrete for the window on one side only so we don’t get double concrete between them?


My ACEO reports itself still as 28.2-1 despite seeing new sprites and such?


“Fence not connecting with road checkpoint built in-fence”

OCD fixed, so happy now!


What if you reboot steam?


Still says it’s 28.2-1


Try switching back to default then back to EXP.


Still says 28.2.1 (iMac)


I’d try a reboot. My iMac says 28.3-0


Reboot my iMac, Steam, switching back to default and back to experimental. Still says 28.2.1 :sleepy: