Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


I have the same problem but its only showing 28.2-1 in the main menu. Ingame its showing 28.3.

@Olof and @Fredrik When building Large Windows the windows is getting constructed but the building plan is still showing.
Ticket created 6654

EDIT2: Does one ways really work? Somehow all my airplanes are ignoring one ways.


Some of the oneway taxi nodes seem to be ignored now. I did just report as: ACEO-6655.


Since the recent update departing passengers are stuck - won’t leave home, won’t go through security and board flights. Only the arriving passengers behave as usual. (I tried restarting the game and using the F10 menu with no results).


Having the same issues


I reported this issue through the in-game system a week ago. Hopefully they fix it soon. Everything seems ok for the first 5 minutes after a re-load but all of a sudden passengers stop checking in, check-in desk stop being staffed and all my planes leave empty.


I have the same kind of a issue but my airport staff are stuck to one or few check-in desks. I think the most is something like 7 or 8 airport staff hanging at one desk. Once you close the desk they all will go to staff room.

Also check-in for same flight number is active on many check-in desks.


What happens on a second Save and Reload?


have you tried to reset them? I suspect it is not serialized correctly on older saves.

Edit: I looked at your save. All one ways that have the arrow pointed “down” from start rotation need to be reset. The rest should work fine.


Not sure if someone mentioned this already, but old scheduled flights will remain 4 hours, while newly scheduled flights on a remote stand will get a much larger schedule when you slot them. Try manually slotting a new flight for a remote stand, you will see a huge difference.


Indeed I had problems with my oneway nodes after the recent update: Aircrafts haven’t been able to find the runway anymore. After a short check I recognized, some of them (even vertical ones) have been reversed. So I edited them for the correct direction. Now aircrafts find their way, but seem to ignore some of them. Others seem to be obeyed. But I can’t tell, if it correlates with them which I had to edit.

I didn’t edit all of them yet, nor did I delete them to reset again.

edit: Thank you very much, for looking into the save and your hint. :slight_smile:


That’s already known, increased turnaround time only applies to new sheduled flights. While in former versions auto sheduler was ignored for increased turnaround times too, this one also got fixed now.


I was replying to bseeberg who still had the problem :slight_smile: That wasn’t a bug report.


Pardon g


After trying to play again some passengers behave normally but the stuck ones wont move at all no matter what button I push. Also a lot of baggage is just all around the terminal area.


Anyone already experienced scanned baggage lying all around the terminal building? ACEO-6664

edit: Ah, t1a2l did post already just before me. He did. :slight_smile:


At my airport some of my One Ways getting ignored.


same here…

experimental is unplayable… :frowning:

Furthermore I see lots of pax arriving by metro, not entering airport, just walking back into metro and leaving…

Perhaps these are the pax I miss on my planes, as they are all half empty, since update…


Just did some test work on 28.3-0 on a save game fresh started in ACEO 28.0, playing on a Mac. Things I found so far:

Cars and busses still pile up and causing massive traffic jams, resulting in PAX not being delivered to remote stands, overtaking also doesn’t kick in (ACEO-6677):

Massive delays, caused by busses not arriving at stands, but also because the ‘Always send away’ function doesn’t work (manually dismissing planes works) and because of the point below, where PAX arrive and leave again (ACEO-6678):

Another thing as already mentioned by @sirhc80, I see PAX arrive at busstops and they leave again on the next bus, approximately 50% of the PAX makes it to the terminal the rest never even bothers (ACEO-6679):

Don’t know if the path finding system is confused because of all the delays and planes not having arrived yet and therefore the path finding system is making a decision that the PAX will not make it and thus decides to leave…?

Edit: added the bug report numbers.


Thanks for the reports peeps. No more features added now, only bug fixes. Please submit any bugs you have and if you want to have a discussion around them here I urge you to always mention the bug report number so that I can reference it correctly! :slight_smile:


No more features added now, only bug fixes.


ACEO-6542 ⁃ Implement mini bus
ACEO-6541 ⁃ Implement large information desk
ACEO-6540 ⁃ Implement new information desk sprite

features will not be added on this experimental build? I am especially waiting reconstructed small and medium boarding desks with reduced sizes :frowning: