Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


Hey I can’t find my issue in the bug report “area”. My issue number is 6646.


Did you see my 2 secure car checkpoints in the list, dont remember the ID, but it is very annoying when your airport does not use them both.


:+1: Had a meeting, added now :wink:


Does service cars already work for normal stands(non remote)?


Yeah, I have them here! :slight_smile:

No, at least not as of now, depends on the stability of future experimental branch bug updates but we really want to get to a default state as soon as possible. Adding new stuff renders issues but I’ll make sure to try and get those in when we start on Alpha 29.


Pax are stuck in the toilets and near bus drop point and near metro. Also a lot of baggage everywhere.



I am unable to serve any flights as staff will not do any work claiming they cant reach when there are clear route to get there.

edit: contractors also disappear on save and load


Posts earlier have shown issues for passengers getting through security - from my experience it seems to be more than that, everyone stops, passengers, security, airport staff, etc. and it happens when I place something for them to build


Do you have a log file from a save where this has happened? Would love to see it.


Where would I find this?


Press “Report bug” on the ACEO website and you’ll get directions to where files are located. :slight_smile:


My save was on my main computer so I can’t get the log right now but I can get the save


I do not have a log of it as I have rebooted the game to check stuff related to another bug and thus reset the log, I can boot it to check though


Got it, just send it here? or?


support [ a t ] airportceo [ d o t ] com ! :smiley:



edit: just to be clear, this affects every version after the latest internal testing group


Btw… Would it be difficult to upgrade the in-game bug reporting form so that it retains the information…?

I’ve done a few time so that during writing up of the report I accidentally click on the game screen and all of the information written is gone… :frowning:


This is definitely a thing, there should be a session, also, we should be able to screenshot menu’s; so, maybe we can get a Printscreen in X seconds button?

From another order; pls give the menufields a tab index ;).


would’ve been great if it had the win10 logo as a joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Can verify that this has been fixed as of: