Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


i would have sent my save but steam is refusing to update the game, il send it as soon my game has updated to get it off the steam cloud


The log was created on the latest update, so either the update didn’t fix it, or I don’t have the update installed (but I believe I do because windows)


Update isn’t out yet, will be in a few minutes. :slight_smile:


Great, finally it’ll be playable again


Alpha 28.3-1 is being rolled out as of now, should be with you in a few minutes. We’re taking a break for the weekend now but will be back next week with purely bug fixes. Keep those reports coming and we’ll keep processing them! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.3-1


  • [ACEO-6673] - Add window icons in build menu


  • [ACEO-6414] - Service vehicles do not respect non-found path when attempting to reach an unreachable vehicle depot causing them to drive across roads and structures
  • [ACEO-6591] - IndexOutOfRangeException when populating room shelves if no products for a certain business can be found
  • [ACEO-6654] - Construction can stop working due to exception in ECS class
  • [ACEO-6655] - One-way taxiways that have the arrow pointing down need to be reset and saved to properly work
  • [ACEO-6657] - Filth tiles incorrectly generated at contractor drop-off sites causing janitors job task deadlock
  • [ACEO-6664] - Deserialized baggage can scatter across airport due to bug mitigation method
  • [ACEO-6669] - Typo in stand description


Ya, at first before I saw bags everywhere, I saw one lone bag at the terminal just after everyone boarded, and I yelled SECURITY, Suspicious bag!

Damn terrorists everywhere, can’t be too careful.


I have 2 food areas, one works fine, the other doesn’t sell anything. Passengers go to the counter, gets a red or hungry icon above them and walks away. Logged in and checked now, i also have 2 shops and the same happends there, counters only works in 1 of the shops also. I sent an ingame bug report a few hours ago on this.


Hi guys,

When i try to load my savegame it gets stuck on loading structures. i am running the latest alpha version.
I disabled mods so its the basic version.

I tried to search for a solution on the forum but i found nothing. When i load up a different savegame, parts of the building and roads are missing…


Are you trying to load an OLD save game?


Ah crap, sorry guys. my bad. it looks like something had to be downloaded (steam) and now it’s ok…


There was a bug that prevented saves from a prior version that has been fixed last week. Good to hear its working again.


28.3.1 brand new game, airport staff stuck at check in desks. ACEO 6698


Passengers are stuck almost everywhere - toilets, bus and car stops, metro. [ACEO-6701]


I’ve had flights not arriving so I do a S&RL then am presented with a “this stands cannot be closed with flights planned” when the game reloads. [ACEO-6699]


You fixed my issue [ACEO-6685] in this update. its a shame that i come back with 2 more, one for ghost passenegrs which the game wont let me submit and one for rescheduling being broken AF which is [ACEO-6700]

Edit: ghost passenger issue is same issue as [ACEO-6662] sending email with save with the subject “Ghost Passengers - ACEO-6662”


Have an interesting issue: I can delete the airside bus stop with a remote stand, when a plane is abouy to land and assigned to the stand.

This deadlocks the game. Anyone can recreate the issue?

It’s ACEO-6704 reported by the way.


Intresting, looks to be similar to my rescheduling where i can almost deadlock the airport from rescheduling not taking effect with ACEO-6700


Few seconds in game and check in desks are non-functional… :frowning:


what do you mean? you need scheduled flights on stands with working security checkpoint first


ACEO-6708 - Aircraft ignore one-way systems causing deadlocks