Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


Hmm as I am reading all those bugs with this new version…
I was looking forward for this weekend to play with this new patch that will fix the bug with people arriving to the airport but forgetting to go to check in desk and security and boarding. But now I see it is even worse.
Hmm so looks like there is no point in playing this weekend and wait for another round of fixes on Monday.

Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:


Was this reply to my message? I’m mean that after loading a working saved airport (from 28.2-3) the check-in desks work only for a short time until they are totally locked in…

EDIT: I just created a new airport and after about 40 minutes the check-in desks started to hog airport staff… :frowning:


ACEO 6721
Anyone else experienced no passengers boarding aircraft, even though boarding desks are fully staffed. PAX just stand next to boarding desk.


I encountered an issue where the ramp agent have “empty” instead of “working” or “resting” and when I try to locate them, It takes me to the corner of the map.


I’m having an issue where after a few minutes, passengers get off the bus - walk straight to the subway and go home. Did a bug report on the website with the relevant files. Good hunting guys :slight_smile:


Welcome to the wonderful world of software.

Thanks for the reports people, will look at them today and throughout the week!


We have identified several behavioral bugs with check-in, security and fetching of interaction items. These are all related to performance improvements changes but are indeed as you say, game breaking. Fixing it all now and will deploy an update later today, couldn’t have been caught so quickly without your qualitative bug reports so thanks for this as usual! :slight_smile:


technology at its finest, I did software dev level 3 at college and now onto searching for employment


Alpha 28.3-2 is out! The most critical fix is the check-in bug that so many people reported on. All processes should now work as expected and hopefully this version is way more stable than previous ones. Also, enjoy the new runway approach lights courtesy of @Jettuh!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.3-2


  • [ACEO-6766] - Implement new runway approach light sprites


  • [ACEO-6658] - Flight separator time claims flight is blocking other day flights when it is a once flight
  • [ACEO-6659] - Persons incorrectly fetch far-away seats when available ones are nearby
  • [ACEO-6686] - Taxiway visual nodes layered on top of aircraft
  • [ACEO-6706] - Missing NullReferenceException handling when displaying owned assets for a passenger can cause the passenger UI to stuck
  • [ACEO-6708] - One-way ignored if set on specific rotation
  • [ACEO-6712] - Can't open stands built directly at border
  • [ACEO-6736] - Service car can in rare instances get stuck at small stands when a flight has been dismissed
  • [ACEO-6749] - Businesses with no products generated cannot complete any sales
  • [ACEO-6763] - Performance improvement of passenger world perception method causes flight references to null and some passengers to immediately leave and not check-in
  • [ACEO-6765] - Flight information panel does not show up in flight planner if game is paused

More updates to come during the week. Still targeting default deployment before we celebrate the one year early access anniversary!


ACEO-6781: Hey, is the “empty” action staff has is on purpose? Some of my staff with this action are sometimes gone, if i am trying to search for them, the game takes me to the edge of the map.


I am not able to buy vehicles since upgrade, decide to build another Airport and to my surprise I am not able to buy any vehicle even though all the CEOs he is not unlocking.


ACEO-6772: Baggage trucks get stuck when they want to enter an (medium) stand (for unloading baggage) just in front of the stand now. Looks like any baggage truck is affected.


Will look into it. You can temporarily bypass by spawning vehicles using F10.


@Seraphin: same problem here.


Same problem, submitted bug ACEO-6775 -

Addendum: Just to try and isolate the issue, I sold all my service trucks, and replaced them all with the large roofed variety (I had mostly roofless).

EDIT: breaks after a few minutes. Ignore what I said below.

After doing that - they seem to be working as normal? Only have had game running briefly since making the change so it might break later - and I’m not sure if its the change in type of truck, or delete/re-add of the truck that made the change. In any event - that might be viable workaround for interim. Let me know if you want me to submit a non-bug report with game files from after making this change for comparison or whathaveyou.


Pax do not board and luggage trucks get stuck in front of the remote stand blocking the turnaround. Sent a bug repo for the luggage trucks ACEO6778.


Same issue with the baggage cart. ACEO-6779


We’re moving offices today so bug solving time will be pushed to later this evening, will still look to deploy an update late tonight. Will process any submitted bugs but do remember that the previous check-in bug may cause “irreparable damages” to the simulation process so new airports or saves that come from the default (more stable) version are more likely to function better than saves from very recent and bugged versions! :slight_smile:


Good luck with moving the office! :truck: Looking forward to the office (move) photo’s in the devblog :wink:


It went well! The stalled service vehicles are fixed, will roll out an update later this evening with a few additional bug fixes as mentioned.