Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


To celebrate the one year anniversary of Airport CEO in early access we will deploy a secret new feature. This ticket will get updated with an appropriate summary at the point of release.

… so, I think they will tell us in the patchlog too. If not, just check on their atlassian-board.


How it is with the assignment of vehicles to a certain stand? Will it come with the Update on friday ?


@t1a2l: Yeep. Same problem here. They get stuck at all the stands - both remote and terminal…


Given its something that has not ben problematic, I’m guessing the surprise is more room options. Probably airline rooms, etc or a way to make the rooms other than rectangular.

The rooms have just worked from day one.


Maybe it’s more control over your ceo puppet in the game, would really love to send that little guy walking arond.


Ticket 6816 (sorry if it has been logged/mentioned)

My ramp agents for random flights will gather at the base of the belt loader and do nothing. No bags come out or go into the plane, then delaying the flight until I force it to depart.


Any update today?


We will not include it in the default push, it will be included in an upcoming experimental deployment instead after remote stands has gone default.

I’ll check the backlog for those types of issues today.

Thanks! Will have a look at it.

Yes! Later today, will keep you posted.


same at my new built airport (28.3-3):
-time by time ramp agents get stuck at belt loader
-at 1 of 3 flights some pax (sometimes just 1 or 2, but sometimes up to 10) just refuse to got to check-in… :frowning:


Just to make it clear:

This ramp agent behaviour is gamebreaking. I have to switch off my baggage handling, as otherwise 4 of 5 flights are massively delayed… :frowning:

bug report is sent, but don’t ask me for a number…

couldn’t you build an option like “send me a copy of this bug report on my email” ?

Edit 2:
Found several pax stuck at information desk, now.
And some pax just sitting around, waiting for nothing…
perhaps the non-checkin-pax…?


I will have a look at it.

Maybe, but due to GDPR we’re actually looking to remove all personal data collection. Might be able to temporarily store it for that purpose but we’ll have to see at a later stage.


If you remove the email adress from the report, and just send it to that adress, wouldn’t that make you comply to GDPR?


Or you just make a locallly saved bug-report-log-file at the save folder, so bug reports are saved there, additionally… only user’s text and report-no…


Rip no update today


It’s coming. Still working… :slight_smile:


Wooow thank you! What time is it for you?


Wow it’s very late in Sweden, I think. Wow thanks for your great dedication.


It’s about 03:16. Deadlines need to be met. Will deploy the next version with half an hour or so! :slight_smile:


Time to go to bed… the jittering ramp agent bug should be solved in this version! :zzz:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.4-0


  • [ACEO-6814] - Enable threading for vehicle path finding
  • [ACEO-6828] - Enable enter button to close and confirm dialog panels


  • [ACEO-5117] - Multiple spelling mistakes
  • [ACEO-6704] - Airside shuttle bus stop deleteable even though connection with remote stand exists
  • [ACEO-6769] - Interaction point on interaction items not correctly randomized when fetched
  • [ACEO-6803] - Minimum flight separation not working when manually scheduling a flight
  • [ACEO-6808] - Flight planner stand sorting is "Z to A" instead of "A to Z"
  • [ACEO-6813] - Incorrect parking for service trucks can on stands lead to deadlock when performing job task
  • [ACEO-6826] - Ramp agents can deadlock when unloading baggage from belt loader

New Feature

  • [ACEO-6443] - Implement remote stand segment in tutorial


So, does this include the “new feature” for the 1-year anniversary? Or is that later? :smiley: