Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 Released [Experimental]


This was the update from yesterday - would expect another today with a dev log


So, does this include the “new feature” for the 1-year anniversary? Or is that later? :smiley:

It is still on [Ready for Experimental Branch] so no, it wasn’t published on this update.


You guys are crazy! :star_struck: Keep up the good work and have a good night’s rest once in a while though!


Respect guys! :hugs: Thanks for this great update! Hope you guys had a good night sleep :sleeping:


It’s celebration day!!! :partying_face:

:champagne: Happy ONE YEAR anniversary :champagne:


sirch80, for a workaround of this baggage not being loadedbug you don’t have to switch off bags completely, just fire all your belt loaders. The ground crew will go to the aircraft and the truck like they did before the belt loader.

EDIT: Hopefully it’s fixed now. I haven’t tested the new patch. :slight_smile:


It should be fixed! :slight_smile:


No baggage comes out of the plane only for one flight company - royal something and that causes the ramp agent to get stuck.

Also can you fix the loop hole were if i connected a new boarding desk to a stand I could dismiss the old one?


We had a critical bug with the model class for baggage on the few recent versions so if you’re playing on one of those older saves you will most likely have a few issues with the next rounds of baggage.


Will that solve itself over time?


Maybe, technically it should but I can’t give any guarantees… I’m running old saves on my PC here now and baggage works “as expected”… there’s a lot of legacy code here an many things that are far from ideal but at least there’s no deadlocks.

We have a huge overhaul for passengers and baggage coming up within the next months so we’ll see what approach to take here. You’ll read more about it in the devlog! :slight_smile:


as you mentioned the DevBlog: when does it come online?
I’m actually sitting in front of my pc the whole day looking forward to finally playing the new update and the reveal of the “surprise”.
I bet you wait until 19:00 CEST to bring the update at the exact same time as the alpha launched one year ago?!

I guess I know what i’ll do this night xD


We’ll see… it’s being edited right now! A lot of emotions in this one so bring your hankies… :sob:


Hey I still don’t see ACEO-6781 in the issue section. Is it still being looked at?



Version has been deployed to default. Discussion from now on is handled in the new thread! :slight_smile: