Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


Reloading saves ingame was never working properly in my experience.

For example; check the huge memory occupation after closing a game and going back to the main menu, why does it not shrink at all?


Same here, you are better off closing the entire game then restarting the save.


Is this just the rendering/movement overhaul for people that was discussed a while ago, or more than that?


Luggage and animation routines too. Quite a bit more apparently.


All small agents are affected, i.e. passengers, employees and baggage. Completely new rendering solution, agent movement solution and a very large agent behavior execution improvement. Will try to go into more details with the next devlog!


Will the new DevLog appear today?


No, sorry, the above update still remains, we’re putting all resources on development and will post a devlog once this is being tested on the internal branch which I hope happens later this week.


Thank you for this feedback! And hopefully everything will work out the way you want it!


I took a break from this game for a while! Personal Life been busy. Can’t wait to see more improvements!!

Yep I’m still around time to time! :slight_smile:


Submitted a bug with a big airport if you want to test rendering on :wink: I replicated NGO airport (Nagoya, JP). ACEO-7897.


When will the Q400 Come??


Will the new DevLog or update appear today?


I hope so …


i hope that they already , finished the global overhaul passenger performances and movements …
it will a huge step …


The devlog will be released this monday.


So, for the past few Alpha releases, I have always had the issue where nothing shows up in my retail stores once a contract is signed. At first I thought it was a display issue, maybe my settings were too low, but on a new build, on the highest display settings, still nothing shows. Furthermore, I get really awful revenues from the stores, and never make a sales goal EVER; is it because of my issue of no retail items showing up for sale, or is this a known issue?


Showing retail items is a bit random for me as well, it doesn’t always show indeed. Don’t know if it is shop type related or if it is a mod store that doesn’t allocate the retail items (yet).

As I experience it, retail stores are always less profitable and PAX buy fewer items than in food shops/restaurants, so you really have to look into the amount of stars and sales target with that and the amount of PAX in your airport. It’s nice to have a big store area with 3 stars and up retailers but they also have high sales target demands. Try and run a food store and retail store side by side and you’ll see the food store will be much busier.


Are you playing with mods? When we re-implemented product rendering we did quite large changes to the Enum structures for product rendering which in turn generate the products. All vanilla businesses should generate products correctly (@Jettuh has a lot more products to make in his backlog) but modded businesses might not.


Got it. They are mod businesses; so that makes sense. But does everyone else have the problem where none of the retail businesses (not restaurants) never meet a sales goal? Restaurants more than exceed it after like a day, but businesses go until their deadline, barely getting 10% of the goal. Thanks!


Anyone else have passengers that endlessly travel around the airport and cause flights to be delayed for hours? Hopefully this is fixed in the coming update