Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


Hello Devs, The boarding is supposed to start at 8.10 but even though the airport staff were there long ago, it didn’t start boarding. Is this a known issue? If it is then sorry as I haven’t really been paying attention to the forums.


Is this happening when you load from the menu after quitting another save to the menu? I notice that happens to me when I try to switch between games via the menu, or refresh my game by reloading through the menu. It’s a known bug, and suggested that you just quit to desktop and start up again.


is the bus in place?


OMG thank you so much, it worked


This or next Monday?


Its already been posted at 12 november.


Hi @Olof How feasible would it to make a stand that does not have some roadway pieces at the. IE So I could slot this stand further back by two sections which would save me lots of space if I were able to this kind of thing where remotes are used to fill in-space. Or be intelligent enough to know that I’m placing the stand on top of the road already?

I also realised I’ve spent 150K in putting the stand in the wrong place. Do’h!


We’ve discussed that a lot and quite frankly I think we will implement a solution which ends up with stands not having those road pieces. The issue is that we need to maintain save integrity so we’ll have to build an adapting system to spawn those road areas as individual tiles instead of connected with the stands. We also need to implement a generic vehicle entry system for stands before enabling something like this.

Hopefully post Alpha in relation to deploying large aircraft stands but no promises as usual… :stuck_out_tongue:


How is the testing of Alpha 29 going?


Best official answer I’ve seen so far… This was on discord earlier.


Any news on how/if you plan to make vehicles make more logical left-hand turns? Going beyond their turn off and pulling a U-turn only to do a right-hand when they could’ve done a left-hand seems counterintuitive and time-wasting.


It feels like development has halted. :frowning:


It’s not, it’s continuing like always, however we’ve (of course) had to push the experimental deployment due to newly discovered bugs late in the development of Alpha 29. Another devlog will be posted this evening! :slight_smile:


2 Month it’s very long xD


You dont want to see my “messages” for Olof, they are far to long atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Rip Update xD


It will come, I’m sure. Olof’s message while it might not sound like it, to me is very encouraging. They are trying to give us the best possible experience :slight_smile: I know delays are horrible, but I’d rather wait a little while longer and have a game that is enjoyable rather than a bugged build that is not.

Also looking forward to that Dev log tonight, but if experience has taught me anything, I will be reading it in the morning.


:wink: :airplane:


I’m conflicted… arghhhhhhhhh :rofl: Is this like a paradox test???


Does Jira have a bug upload limit per day? the floodgates will open