Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


Oh no, for this update we’ve decided not to include any bugs since people were complaining a lot about them. Added a new issue ticket today, “Remove all bugs” so now there won’t be any. Don’t know why not all companies do it like this but… yeah.

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :frowning:


Lets build a shop, a very long one :smiley:


So I guess no Alpha 29 tonight…


Yes, of course, the evening is not over. It will deploy within the next two hours or so! :slight_smile:


@Olof That was a quick reply, with a great news too!


We’re doing the last touch-ups right now, running tests and such, we need a little more time but will deploy as soon as we’re ready.


Will it be Alpha 29.2-4 or 29.2-5?




Oh boy…:woozy_face:


Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer.


When should we expect to see the update on steam


Unfortunately we ended up jinxing ourselves, as we ran the last few saves we discovered a critical loading bug that renders aircraft haywire upon load. This needs to be fixed before we’re deploying otherwise you’ll only be able to start out with new airports and not check your old ones, which isn’t really helpful, We’ve ran out of working hours for today (really need to get some sleep) so we’ll need to postpone the update for a few hours, I’d suspect we’d have it fixed within the next 12 hours.

Will deploy the update as soon as this last problem is solved, apologies for keeping you up! :frowning: We’ll let you know here as soon as it’s out!


I came here to find out if Development was still ongoing… Clearly it is.

I love this game; only been playing for about 2 weeks.



Keep going!!


Any new updates??


The bug has been patched, we’re running a series of new test and making final improvements. Everything points to a deployment within a few hours! :slight_smile:




Any ideas what is actually in this update? i know there will be better people ( in lack of a better description of their pathfinding ) but… Widebodies ?


No large planes yet, but the Q400 (Medium) will be added. Further there are improvements to person rendering, person pathfinding, job tasking, and pax in ques will switch if a new que opens. On top of this, alot of bug fixes created by these improvements and some older bugs fixed.


Wow, you sure know how to create anticipation Olof and Fredrik! :laughing:

Really looking forward to it, this is gonna be a good one… :grinning: