Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


No, I don’t (and didn’t) have any problems with saving/loading.

But I found out:
Seems a mod caused that loading error.
It looked as if a mod was just trying to update itselfs via steam while I tried to load the game. Anyhow this mod-update didn’t work, but it kept trying.
As I manually cancelled this mod-update (steam) and deactivated the mod (aceo), now the game loaded again, as normal.

My machine is running very well, even if it could be more powerful, :wink:


Has anyone been having issues with rooms disappearing upon reload and/or items deleting randomly? Upon reloads, random rooms (bathroom, staff rooms, baggage rooms) will be gone, and I know I placed them. Further, it’ll always be a different set of rooms that gets deleted upon reload. Also, I notice upon those reloads I will have sections of wall where every other wall is missing so about 10 small squares; again always random.

These instances don’t happen upon every reload, but it is happening quite often. I have tested it in older and brand new saves, and it happens in either. I even made an airport without altering any of the GameData (as I am prone to do for a larger airport), and I still get the issue.


I’ve seen one other report on that issue, super strange, but was not able to reproduce. Could you file a bug report for that save and include that same detailed description on how to reproduce it?


I did file a bug report, with screenshot included (I think it was regarding the walls deleting), and I remember submitting it because I saw it happen in real time, not during a reload, even though it still happens then too. I will resubmit the next time it happens to me, and I will comment with the bug #.


I find it weird when i clicked on one of the fixed bugs, there was a screenshot included while i know from having submitted the linked report, i didn’t click on adding a screenshot. Is that normal?
Is it also normal we can download attachments for fixed bugs? I know we can’t for bugs that are still on the trello board.


Both are normal. If no screenshot is attached we snap one anyway (if someone’s forgotten) and that attachments to the issues are publicly available.


I’ve seen multiple check-in desks (up to 3) to be assigned now for one flight, but only 1 is used by the PAX. This amount of desks is also the case for small stands with only a few (up to 10) PAX. This causes notifications that there are not enough check-in desks, which is logical if every stand uses 3 check-in desks… If all would be used it should not be a problem because PAX are then also processed faster, but with only 1 actually used and check-in desks being open for the full period even when PAX have already been processed the amount of check-in desks needed will be huge with big(ger) airports… It should also be the case that small stands by default only have 1 check-in desk as they never serve more than 10-15 PAX max.


I’ve been having this too. In the past it would schedule the checkins that didn’t slot right after the one that had the slot, now they just don’t seem to slot.
I disagree with having just one checkin desk, I think checkins should be scheduled on every desk connected to a stand, with checkin desks servicing multiple checkins at the same time. For staffing i would go the same way information desks and security stations are constantly staffed.


Yeah, I’ve been experiencing this as well. I’ve had to build check-in desks now when before they would sequence up. I kept a healthy ratio of check-in desks to stands, it now seems they require the one-to-one ratio with no overlap if you have flights scheduled with flight staggered so check-in desk capacity should be there.

No available check-in desks due to no available time slot message

I’d love to have the ability to link check in desks to specific stands.


I’ll do some investigation on this, have also gotten a few weird notifications. The only thing that’s changed is the fact that you’re getting notified so… yeah, some form of logical ghost here.

New version will be deployed for experimental later today! :slight_smile:


I disagree with having just one checkin desk, I think checkins should be scheduled on every desk connected to a stand, with checkin desks servicing multiple checkins at the same time.

I didn’t mean that all stands should have only 1 check-in desk, but for small stands it is a bit overkill to have more than 1 check-in desk for only 5 to 15 passengers :wink: I agree with you that check-in desks should be scheduled based on the connected stands, but then we need to have that extra option to connect check-ins to stands. If you have (for now) manually scheduled a certain airline to those stands, you can have exclusive check-in desks for an airline :smiley:


Has anyone encountered new flights drying up? I have excellent airline ratings, and have even lowered prices for aircraft to land and park. But I am getting only an occasional new flight offered from my existing 6 airlines.


Hello! Alpha 28.5 on its way up now. This is still intended for the default branch hence no renaming of this topic or creation of new topic just yet… right now this is only deployed on the experimental branch however!

We’re taking a break for the weekend but do enjoy these updates. See you all next week!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.5-0


  • [ACEO-7082] - Implement baggage routing validation check when opening a conveyor belt system item
  • [ACEO-7117] - Mitigate "bag stuck on conveyor belt" notification spam when arriving baggage plot path to baggage claim


  • [ACEO-6620] - Baggage can in certain instances become stuck when entering a baggage claim area
  • [ACEO-6876] - Conveyor belt animation and arrows reversed
  • [ACEO-6979] - NullReferenceException on loaded agent UI panel when removed by pooling system causes panel to stuck on screen
  • [ACEO-7010] - Faulty get room method for staff rooms placed in vicinity of a secure area border can cause staff room fetching loop
  • [ACEO-7109] - Push back truck can in rare instances stall when performing push back
  • [ACEO-7112] - Change all "cargo bay" and "cargo claim area" versus "baggage bay" and "baggage bay area" inconsistencies to "baggage bay" and "baggage claim area" only


is it correct it isn’t released on Steam yet for the Mac ?
i’m using the experimental branch


Hello, I recently started a new game with the current default build and all airlines contracts are not showing the conditions (price paid per flight ; number of flights to fulfill the contract). Is this a known bug ?


Ramp agents still not doing anything on remote stand. Aircraft arrives, they get transported by service car but that’s all, the are not doing any service rounds or start unloading baggages. After a while they just disappear from the stand.

I have the latest alpha build, 28.5. Bug report ACEO-7189

Update: after a little bit of tinkering I managed to get them almost work. Now they are going to the belt loader but they are doing nothing, just shaking (going back and forth) at the end of the loader.

Update 2: after some more tweaking and a game reload, all problem solved, remote stands working flawlessly.


Why i haven"t got the alpha 28.5 deployed on steam ? i still use 28.4.1


From Olof reply it doesn’t seem its been released for default branch yet, its on experiment brand and will be soon updated to default.


but i’m in experimental branch