Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


Sounds like a broken secure area number update method, or a relating bug, I presume you reported it? <3


Mmm, lets see if my current instance likes to bugreport atm :wink: . I had it running in the background, lets find an error.


My game had run a long time, so, I did a reload, and now it does no longer throw the errors ;)…


Once I thought auto sheduler does consider available check-in desk slots, I’m not sure anymore if this is correct.
Any official information?


You mean that the auto scheduler attempts to plan flights despite a lack of available check-in desks?

We ended up spending the day working on the person performance overhaul as it required a bit of joint thinking to get to the bottom of a few issues we had, tomorrow will be bug solving day and we’ll deploy the next update tomorrow afternoon.


Yeah, that’s what I mean: Auto sheduler shouldn’t only check for empty slots on a stand itself, but it should also check for empty slots at the (proper/baggage bay connected) check-in desks. So if there are more stands that can be handled by the available check-in desks, the additional flights should be planned for a later time when check-in desk slots are available again.

I think I remember auto sheduler did this already some time, now I’m not sure if this is the case. Maybe I’m just uncertain because of the new check-in error messages, so I may wait for the next bug fixing update.

I absolutly can’t say now, so that’s why I ask how this is really working at the moment.


@Olof, I submitted a bug last night (I believe), regarding the no available check-in desks bug. It’s an airport where there is a 1-to-1 ratio of check-in desks to boarding desks; so it is truly perplexing. However, I noticed the issue happened after about an hour of gameplay with majority of my time spent on the slowest gameplay speed.


I have a few of those in too! Will check’ em tomorrow! :slight_smile:


also been having that issue.


Do you remember what bug number this was?

@Universe: Did you submit a bug report? I’ve checked a few check-in desk “bug reports” now but they don’t seem to be actual bugs but correct messages. I need to check a few more saves to determine what’s going on here.


@Olof: Please look at ACEO-7092:

I think it is a bug, as check-in desks are not scheduled.

It seems as if flights need to find a FREE check-in desk exactly at that moment, when first pax arriving at airport - which is way too early.

So flight finds no free desk -> incident warning.


@Olof Furthermore I already have two crashed save files from two different airports I can not load anymore…

Bug reports are not visible in Jira, I have no number, unfortunately…


@Olof, unfortunately I do not. I have been running into the issue where randomly it won’t show me the bug number because I believe the uploading of the save files take longer, surpassing the default time the ticket number is displayed. When out of work today, I will play that save again, and resend a ticket when I get the issue.


@olof I have found a strange one now a couple of times but a S&RL sorts it out. I’m in the process of remodelling my check in and security. I’ve demolished my security stations and rebuilt them (please get the move button implemented :yum:) but I cannot remove the zoning, build walls or anything.

Oh, also there is baggage left underneath where the scan station for said items too.


While bugs or other systems could create orphanage baggage, I would like a security or janitor tasks that cleans them up.


can’t remember the bug number but if it aint a bug how would I stop that message. got like 10 desks and 10 stands


In some cases it seems as if people hasn’t read the text which I understand… but the most common problem seems to be that people don’t ensure that the stand’s connected baggage bay is the same as the one a check-in desk is connected to. That’s a crucial point which can cause a flight, which has an assigned stand, not to find a suitable check-in desk.

But I’m going to keep checking your reports. Just send 'em in and I’ll look at it to see if it’s a bug or a stupid design on our part.

Edit: For example, this seems to be the case with - could you check it @sirhc80 before I take a look at it - i.e. are you sure that the assigned stand for that flight has available check-in desks that are connected to the same baggage bay?


Olof, I think I might have a clue for you on the check-in desk issue. I’ve got the correct number and more than enough staff, however PAX are only using one of the desks available. This is a new build too. Let me know if you want it sending?


No, that’s a known bug, waiting pax only go for the first desk to activate, pax who arrive after both disks have been activated then randomize between the two. It’s gonna get fixed amid the passenger performance overhaul.


My game throws exceptions without baggage bays.