Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


Same problem when placing roads and sidewalks


In the background there is a merger system which combine all the tiles you place to larger chunks. This saves on performance as Unity doesn’t have to render each tiles individually, which could easily be in the hundreds of thousands on a large airport. The downside of course is that this creates some lag when they are built as the tiles area need to be re-calculated. We are aware of this and have a task to optimize it when time is available. :slight_smile:

Edit: FYI, we found a bug causing freeze when building certain objects which is not related to the merger system.


@Puma I tried out two different airport save where I ran into the problem of airplanes not boarding (and boarding is the last task to complete the flights). One was in a build about 2 experimental branches ago, and the other was built in 28.5 or 28.6 (cannot remember exactly).


i have also have problem with planes getting stuck on stands who will not move at all, no action will help


@stephen please submit a bug? The more bugs received, the more priority they become.


done already


Do you have a screenshot of the airport with zones enabled please?
Did you try to re-zone?


We’ve identified a large spike when building roads and stuff. Will be patched in tonight’s update!


olof , i’m stuck with alpha 28.4-1 , since more of 1 weeks … i can’t update the game


Switch to the experimental branch! :slight_smile:


ah thanks i forgot that i remove my game because my pc has i very big problem


Friday deployment of some bugs we wanted to clear out before the weekend. :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.6-2


  • [ACEO-7037] - Aircraft stuck in parking mode
  • [ACEO-7233] - Non-removal of object reference string can render airside shuttle bus stops to not be removable
  • [ACEO-7378] - Sidewalk weird coloring when max zoomed out
  • [ACEO-7392] - Aircraft can get stuck parking on stand if saved at the end of the parking sequence
  • [ACEO-7410] - Aircraft does not always enter runway entry at the end
  • [ACEO-7411] - Incorrect pathing rule for aircraft taxiing from runway end to exit
  • [ACEO-7415] - Tiled structures cause very large spikes when placed freezing the game for several seconds
  • [ACEO-7422] - Dismissed aircraft get stuck on stand waiting for pushback truck


Thank you Fredrik, I created a brand new airport with 28.6.2 and I only found 3 very minor visual bugs that I reported. Although I couldn’t find time to test baggage system. But anyway thank you for the update :+1:


here - seems i cant change the suit colours - i tried buttons - its seems dont work
its minor annyonce


My favourite weather SNOW. Woooooot!!!

Sooo beautiful :slight_smile:


I think we only have one suit for females at this point,however, we do have a person working on implementing new faces so these will come soon.


however, we do have a person working on implementing new faces

Ohh did you hire your new employee to the Apoapsis Studios?


I assumed it was Jettuh.


in default - there was alot of choices of suits but in expertimal - its suddenly only 1 suit


Is it possible to allow the shuttle buses to leave the terminal on time? Some passengers only check-in and get on the bus 2 hours after departure so every single aircraft scheduled at remote stands depart 2-4 hours late just because I cannot let shuttle buses leave the terminal on time.