Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


Is it possible to allow the shuttle buses to leave the terminal on time? Some passengers only check-in and get on the bus 2 hours after departure so every single aircraft scheduled at remote stands depart 2-4 hours late just because I cannot let shuttle buses leave the terminal on time.

Check your passenger and staff movements, especially airport staff. Do passengers stuck on somewhere like security, check in or shops? Do airport staff reach to boarding desk on time of “start of boarding”?

I have never seen any delays on remote stand due to delay of bus.


I have never seen any delays on remote stand due to delay of bus.

It can be if you have multiple stands on one bus stop and if there was some sort of delay cascade, then it can be that the boarding passengers are already getting on the bus and the de-boarding passengers are still waiting in the bus to get into the bus stop.


I’ve suggested the ability to dismiss the bus to begin boarding, because there currently is no way to do this. If you dismiss the plane, the bus leaves, but so does the plane; so I guess the passengers disappear? Would be nice to dismiss the bus for immediate boarding, which would close boarding, because I too have delayed remote flights but its because it takes a while for everyone to get to the boarding desk.


Think it has something to do with service cars not coming back to collect ramp agents Bug 7474!


They sent a 400 series 747 to collect them, how many were there? :rofl:


Bug: Floating money (7477)

Can new Janitor Jobs get a bigger delay in the Employee Type listing?

Why is the star rating business-room related to the minimal of 1 airliner, and not the average of them all?

Can business room contract maybe upgrade their target when you get the target, and downgrade when you dont get the target? (Auto-balancing).

Can auto-assigned check-in desks consider queue length, so, small stands get small queues awarded first, and medium stands long queues.

Whats up with zebras on upgraded medium stands that have jetways?

Why does a non connected baggage bay area to activate itself if it is not connected?

Whats up with this? (7486)

Its funny you cannot open a Baggage bay that has secure zone under it :smiley:

Can we get a more efficient way of connecting multiple object to a single one, I just dragged 30 check-in desks to 4 carousels, and 20 stands … that is a lot of dragging!

if we could “group” them, or drag a baggage connect to another check-in deks and create a chain or something.

And after that you have to manually assign 60 service trucks to depots.

But got it running without errors in 1 go :smiley:

Can shops get a different collor on “closed” and on “contract expired”, its very annoying atm.

Oil refuel rates should be calculated based on total reservoir volumes, not on base tank volumes.

Bug 7490


No, it is a friend who is helping us out with only the faces.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.6-3


  • [ACEO-7097] - Cannot Upload Mods to Steam Workshop
  • [ACEO-7303] - Tutorial step with offices not clear enough that the step requires an office desk to complete
  • [ACEO-7461] - Null reference exception when opening tutorial window
  • [ACEO-7500] - Subscribed Steam Workshop items does not always show up in mod menu


I just want to write a quick “thank you!” to the developers. Not only for developing a game I really enjoy, but also by showing your commitment to the community. Replying to questions and requests, even more than people might be allowed to expect.

Of course I’m one of those Airport CEO addicts that can’t wait for the newest updates but when I keep seeing those “late night” updates from your side I feel a little sorry for your guys. All of you must be super passionate too in developing an awesome game, but so many updates is really more than I can wish for.



Thank you for the kinds words, we truly love this game and the community! :heart_eyes:

Here is a late night fix of the ramp agent bug. :slight_smile:

   Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.6-4


  • [ACEO-7379] - Ramp agents sometimes do not get fetched by service car after turnaround completion


Wasn’t expecting this, thanks for staying up late to fix this issue!


If you can look at 7512 that’d be great, seems to have some service road path finding issues :astonished:


So the current experimental tree has been merged onto the default branch since there now were so many important fixes in place. Read more here:

Full change logs for this default merge is as below:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.6-4


  • [ACEO-7082] - Implement baggage routing validation check when opening a conveyor belt system item
  • [ACEO-7117] - Mitigate "bag stuck on conveyor belt" notification spam when arriving baggage plot path to baggage claim
  • [ACEO-7238] - Ability to open runway with only one runway entrance if runway is set to arrival or departure and runway entrance is set to both (due to stand connectivity)
  • [ACEO-7356] - Conveyor belt animation speed set by time speed of game
  • [ACEO-7369] - Tree animation using shaders
  • [ACEO-7389] - Slightly increased refueling rate for fuel trucks
  • [ACEO-7407] - Blur background effect on dialog panel presentation


  • [ACEO-2729] - Missing conveyor belt rotation switch cases causes incorrect sprite rotation for placed conveyor belts
  • [ACEO-6620] - Baggage can in certain instances become stuck when entering a baggage claim area
  • [ACEO-6876] - Conveyor belt animation and arrows reversed
  • [ACEO-6913] - Boeing 737-XXX model number inconsistencies
  • [ACEO-6923] - Runway does not gets removed if saved as extended
  • [ACEO-6979] - NullReferenceException on loaded agent UI panel when removed by pooling system causes panel to stuck on screen
  • [ACEO-7010] - Faulty get room method for staff rooms placed in vicinity of a secure area border can cause staff room fetching loop
  • [ACEO-7013] - Replacing runway exit can get flight stuck on runway
  • [ACEO-7037] - Aircraft stuck in parking mode
  • [ACEO-7088] - Rare issue with small plane not able to find path to runway due to incorrect serialized taxiway nodes
  • [ACEO-7097] - Cannot Upload Mods to Steam Workshop
  • [ACEO-7109] - Push back truck can in rare instances stall when performing push back
  • [ACEO-7112] - Change all "cargo bay" and "cargo claim area" versus "baggage bay" and "baggage bay area" inconsistencies to "baggage bay" and "baggage claim area" only
  • [ACEO-7165] - Runway extension causes UI overlays to go the wrong way
  • [ACEO-7233] - Non-removal of object reference string can render airside shuttle bus stops to not be removable
  • [ACEO-7256] - Incorrect validation for ramp agents onboard service cars when leaving a small stand can cause service car deadlock
  • [ACEO-7269] - Aircraft can in rare cases not execute runway entrance path-finding if stand settings changes at same time
  • [ACEO-7273] - Grass runway entry not setting one way access properly
  • [ACEO-7295] - Excessive or incorrect notification spamming on unavailable check-in desk slots for planned flights
  • [ACEO-7303] - Tutorial step with offices not clear enough that the step requires an office desk to complete
  • [ACEO-7313] - Rare NullReferenceException issue can cause aircraft to stop arriving
  • [ACEO-7318] - Crosswalk displayment inconsistencies for small remote stands
  • [ACEO-7348] - Airside shuttle bus stop and service car stop doesn't automatically zone as secure
  • [ACEO-7370] - Objects that are colorable are also automatically clickable rendering nothing but an empty selection image
  • [ACEO-7371] - Color picker panel incorrectly placed when re-coloring objects in the placeable panel view
  • [ACEO-7377] - Crosswalk displayment inconsistencies for remote stands
  • [ACEO-7378] - Sidewalk colouring when max zoomed out
  • [ACEO-7379] - Ramp agents sometimes do not get fetched by service car after turnaround completion
  • [ACEO-7380] - Rare serialization bug can cause employees to disappear on load
  • [ACEO-7382] - Aircraft sometimes taxi to entrance on other side of runway causing weird behavior
  • [ACEO-7383] - Pushback sometimes occur before a pushback truck has properly reached an aircraft towing point
  • [ACEO-7387] - Small aircraft start moving prior to engine startup
  • [ACEO-7391] - Incorrect check-in duration time extension can cause check-in duration to be exhaustively extended
  • [ACEO-7392] - Aircraft can get stuck parking on stand if saved at the end of the parking sequence
  • [ACEO-7410] - Aircraft does not always enter runway entry at the end
  • [ACEO-7411] - Incorrect pathing rule for aircraft taxiing from runway end to exit
  • [ACEO-7415] - Tiled structures cause very large spikes when placed freezing the game for several seconds
  • [ACEO-7422] - Dismissed aircraft get stuck on stand waiting for pushback truck
  • [ACEO-7461] - Null reference exception when opening tutorial window
  • [ACEO-7500] - Subscribed Steam Workshop items does not always show up in mod menu

New Feature

  • [ACEO-7351] - Colorable conveyor belts
  • [ACEO-7353] - Right-click interactable conveyor belts


Can we get a screenshot option where baggage is shown on all belts?

Maybe in pause?

7581 - When changing up a GA small stand, closed it, while a dismissed airplane is on it, I get route issues. Was changing them into commercial stands.

Can we get an indicator on BUS/SERVICECAR stops to show they have a connection; and then I mean without clicking them.

Baording desks still not get the label that has been given to the connected stand.

Why do baggage bays still not show any counts on them? I just connected a few stands to bays, but I have no idea how much stand vs check-ins I have connected atm. Very annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, the baggage way test is awesome! :smiley:

Can the RIGHT/LEFT/STRAITS be shown as arrows on a tilt tray?

7583 - stranded truck

Setup my first remote stands, with baggage support. Worked very good; easy to setup.

There is an unexplained error on my busstand.



I am no longer receiving a contract fee from completing flights. Everything is on time, and I have submitted a ticket - ACEO-7595. See screenshot to see a plane leaving and my income way below the number I can get from a plane. Love this game, just need that money to expand!


Will have a look at that, nothing’s really changed in the business system for a very, very long time so I’m not sure how anything here could be off… then again, famous last words and so forth.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned anywhere, since the next devlog will drop on Monday, but we have both been working externally from the office this week hence no deployments, they should pick up again late next week! :slight_smile:


ACEO-7618 pushback trucks will not arrive at stands. I have stands that have been waiting at least an hour for a pushback truck, and planes just finishing boarding will receive a pushback truck. I have 1 truck for every stand. I don’t even see trucks en route to the stand.


I’m having the same issue. I did read somewhere that it only affects small stands. It seems to have started at patch 28.6.1.

It is discussed here


ACEO-7627: I notice upon reload, all planes on the ground will not board, even when the boarding desk is staffed. I have the manually dismiss the flight (without any boarded passengers), and then all other flights are ok.


aceo-7641: Ramp agents leave job site early, especially if plane is behind schedule, along with baggage belt. Also several service cars come to pick up for some reason.