Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Last 2 days, I build a wide area wing, covering 2 zone blocks and walking distances for staff, plus vehicle paths, are the biggest problem; the game will summon staffers from all over the place, and the same with vehicles. It is game breaking, since when you have 5 star shops / restaurants; they will disappear on you due to growing your airport; what will never get you the numbers to fulfill the shops targets. Also, the fact that the 3 star loan is connected to air-contract satisfaction makes no sense. So, you have this airport running 5 mil turnover a year, and you can loan a whopping 750k!. Thats not even a decent wing or upgrade-phase of within the game.


Vehicle pathfinding is what is currently preventing me from growing. I can’t get vehicles to their locations on time because it takes them way to long to get there. Staff is also a problem, having them run from checkin to the other side of the airport isn’t efficient.


I agree with both @jasperwillem and @Carrot but I’m assuming this will be taken care by the developers, because when multi floors will be introduced, distances will only grow (substantially). But yes, it is exactly the same reason why I’m not expanding my airport and opening more gates. Staff and vehicles are not able to cover long distances with the current state of the game.


I think the Dev’s are very aware of that.


Hey, an update will be out later today with minor fixes, one more important targeting stalled persons and one less important.

As for the freezing issues, we currently do not have too much data in the Jira backlog on this so I urge anyone that has a longer lock on their device while playing the game to immediately, once the lock releases, perform a bug report and title it something with “freeze” so we can run longer tests of it and find the root cause.

Should also mention that now when the holiday comes by we’ll be operating in low power mode, we’ll still be around checking the forums but only critical issues, if detected, will be addressed during the next days. In Sweden we traditionally have non-working days until the 26th of December but as you know we manage our own time and will be around.

This is being worked on and should be out in an update on the experimental branch after the 26th.

Will post here again once Alpha 29.4-2 is out!


Alpha 29.4-2 is out on the experimental branch where it will soak for a few hours before transitioning to the default branch.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.4-2


  • [ACEO-8631] - Adjusted new flight spawn time to cope with changed time scale


  • [ACEO-8543] - Demolishing an object with a world notification container spawned but with no cached panel can throw a null reference exception freezing the UI
  • [ACEO-8574] - Person dumping method can cause all persons to freeze due to uncaught out of bounds exception
  • [ACEO-8630] - Uncaught null reference check can cause persons to stall when queueing in dynamic queues


Hi, I have still some very frustrating experiences… which are really game breaking…
See both print screens.

I have on my A terminal (left side) 2 planes already waiting with pushback vehicle for more then 4 hours…
Entering the runway still takes to much time…
I had a departure from the right terminal, for a change taking the correct runway, the left one.
But waiting 40 minutes to enter the runway to depart.
And pathfinding with the planes is still a miss. About half of the departures are screwed.
If there’s a waiting line on one of the departure runways, planes take the other one, although not possible due to one way signs… they don’t even follow paths, they simply take a direct diagonal way to the other runway.
This is what concerns the planes part…
I need for my airport 2 departure runways. If all 17 operating gates have a more or less same departure then I have 17 planes. If each takes 20 minutes to depart (if you are lucky) the last one has a delay of 340 minutes…
Not playable or resulting in a awful satisfaction score…

For vehicle’s it’s stil not logic. I have to vehicle depots, but have about half of my vehicles stored so that should be plenty enough. One is at the left side of the left terminal, one in between the left and right terminal.
This is done with the idea it should save time when they are logically used, but this isn’t the case.
Vehicles from the left depot, are going to assist on gates at the right terminal and vice versa…
Very frustrating.

So my suggestions :

  • Please please please reduce entering time of the planes on the runway. And make sure fucked up issues like changing departure runway, although one way system should prevent it, occurs…
    Maybe by make it possible to connect gates also to a certain runway… both for landing as departure.
    Or teach them to behave and wait in the line… :slight_smile:
  • Do the same thing with vehicles, make it possible to link them to a number of gates.
    This would save time and make it possible to run a big airport with a decent satisfaction level…

Thanks !


Are all your runways connected to each other?


There’s no other way… but used single ways taxiways…


If the aircraft can’t find a way it ignores taxi ways and go diagonal


my passengers are going to shops and not leaving until the shop closes. So all my flights are delayed.

Me too. Thinking about closing all the shops for now, but the rent money is too good to lose for now.


Hi yes but it’s just my aim to divide departing traffic over 2 runways in order to avoid ques…
But therefore I used single ways with taxiways to make them ‘unreachable’… but even then it’s a disaster…


Still the freezing shit when accepting new airline contracts.
After accepting new contracts all passengers and staff freezes
Really annoying…


Anyone else had the bug where in flight planner you go to reschedule a flight and it Just disappears? This has happened several times to me now. Running 29.4.1 (currently without web access for latest update) did a bug report the other day for it


Jep. I reported it.


I’ve seen this very long time ago, haven’t been rescheduling for a while so i woudln’t know if it was still in. I can say though it Always happenned to me when i ‘lost grip’ above an unschedulable position while moving it. Might be an interesting extra detail.


For me, at the moment, you reposition your flight where you want it, then click confirm and the flight vanishes…


Yes, a known bug. Though in the latest EXP branch I’ve not noticed it TBH.


Indeed, the staff coming from very far away instead of the closest break room or vehicle garage is a huge problem


I am now noticing more mini-freezes within the game. I assume it is the auto-scheduler? Seems like instead of doing mass auto-scheduling around the turn of the hour, it now does several within the hour. I would much prefer 1 freeze per game hour, than several. Very annoying.

Also, has anyone noticed a more pronounced increase in lag as you play longer? I feel like in previous versions, of course it will get a gradual lag as you play longer, but now I am in some saves and can barely play 5 (real) minutes without losing patience. Any ideas what cause this? My thought is lingering passengers that take forever to leave/lingering baggage that (in the past) has always been a framerate consumer, never to be cleared unless a full game reload.

Hope these are addressed in the future. Not sure if a bug report would work because it seems more general versus specific issues.