Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Anyone else had the bug where in flight planner you go to reschedule a flight and it Just disappears? This has happened several times to me now. Running 29.4.1 (currently without web access for latest update) did a bug report the other day for it


Jep. I reported it.


I’ve seen this very long time ago, haven’t been rescheduling for a while so i woudln’t know if it was still in. I can say though it Always happenned to me when i ‘lost grip’ above an unschedulable position while moving it. Might be an interesting extra detail.


For me, at the moment, you reposition your flight where you want it, then click confirm and the flight vanishes…


Yes, a known bug. Though in the latest EXP branch I’ve not noticed it TBH.


Indeed, the staff coming from very far away instead of the closest break room or vehicle garage is a huge problem


I am now noticing more mini-freezes within the game. I assume it is the auto-scheduler? Seems like instead of doing mass auto-scheduling around the turn of the hour, it now does several within the hour. I would much prefer 1 freeze per game hour, than several. Very annoying.

Also, has anyone noticed a more pronounced increase in lag as you play longer? I feel like in previous versions, of course it will get a gradual lag as you play longer, but now I am in some saves and can barely play 5 (real) minutes without losing patience. Any ideas what cause this? My thought is lingering passengers that take forever to leave/lingering baggage that (in the past) has always been a framerate consumer, never to be cleared unless a full game reload.

Hope these are addressed in the future. Not sure if a bug report would work because it seems more general versus specific issues.


Still having this problem in the 29.4-2 version.


Please bug report your game. The dev’s have explicated asked for saves where freezes are happening.

Thank goodness too. Yes I’ve had the longer play lag issue and have found my cause of it that, has been bug reported too. I can asure you the issue is being looked into. So please send in your bug report.


I’ve seen the same, but when you return to the flight planner the flight can normally be seen again. Most of the times this happens when rescheduling flights in the evening. It’s always good to report these bugs, the more info the devs have the more reference.


Regarding the job task issues, there’ll be an update after the 26th fixing that as the new job dispatchment system does not account for distance and other checks (sorting job tasks based on distance for several hunderd janitors is a pretty performance intensive operation so we needed some time to work on a solution for this).

As for the performance related spikes and freezes, that’s currently being investigated and we believe that with few hours of investigation we’ll find to root cause. Again, hope to have that fixed for the first update after the 26th (soon™).

Happy holidays!


Suddenly cannot load a save that I saved about 12 hours ago; it just is stuck on the “Almost Done” screen when going through the loading process. Merry Christmas to me…


There’s soemthign wrong with the flight process monitor, i kept wondering where all my pax are cause it showed them as through security but not checking in, turned out they were still in the que for the security checkpoint. ACEO-8751


I’ve already crashed two times when I got to the airport location selector, not sure if this is me or a bug


Baggage bays are broken… can’t open new ones, they fail to find the baggage claims. It’s only since the update. This would be a game breaking bug for me as I just rebuilt my entire airport. Back in a few days or something.

Fixed. My fault. Thanks to the community for helping me.


Have you tried clicking on the path tester in the claiming area?


I was unaware of this function and tool, and of course when you make a hugely complex structure over a period of two days, everything is always correct, of course I checked that and it is always someone elses’ fault. Thank you. errors located… a single erroneous directional arrow on a very long belt system turned the wrong way. Sort of like screwing up a comma or decimal point in algebra…


It’s not only that, there’s a bug where you need to click on that test before the baggage bay realises a path is clear.


I have found that if you repeatedly select an unselect and object for demolition, you can generate cash as a result. Anyone else find this as I have found this bug on multiple saves (All on 29.4)


Yeah… I noticed an issue with cash generation as well… didn’t abuse it but is certainly made my life of rennovating my airport far more feasible…