Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


@Ziameter please provide screenshot of what is the issue.


Alpha 29.4-3 is out on the experimental branch with the new job task dispatcher system, it’s more of an improvement than a bug but… yeah. This is the big difference:

The system does now not only account for time until a job starts (which it did earlier) but also:

  • Tries to assign a job task its nearest suitable employee
  • Tries to prioritize employees that are in the same secure area as the job task

This means that if you have a certain area far away, i.e. boarding desk or whatever, you should now be able to again mitigate late boarding start times by simply building a staff room close to those desks. The system will make sure that jobs are dispatched to airport staff close to those desks. Also means that janitors finally will clean stuff right next to them instead of roaming the entire airport.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.4-3


  • [ACEO-8286] - Job tasks that are not time dependent gets randomly selected causing delays for janitor and service technician jobs
  • [ACEO-8830] - Incorrect bug mitigation system can cause persons that do not correctly execute an activity after some time to be teleported to a random point in the airport


yes, it has been there since the very start of the game.


I place my staff rooms in insecure areas, but they have separate staff-only checkpoints into the main secure area. Will this overwork my employees who are already in the secure area, while leaving those in the insecure staff room untouched?


By reading the update log, yes. The system does not account for secure/unsecure areas, but takes staff vicinity into account. I might be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like areas were ‘touched’ at all


@yuuka_miya @Silvokial I’ve had some excellent results, but it’s not infallible. I have been able to reduce my janitors by about 30% and still keep the place clean. I’ve put a staff room at one end of a wing and the staff did go from there to the boarding gates rather than all the way through security at the one in the check in hall. YMMV as everyone designs their own way.


Alright, it that case I have found a bug. Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:


All my job tasks have stopped getting assigned. ACEO-8897


anyone know what airline has the dash Q400 ?


Here you go. If you go to the actual post you will also pics kindly taken by Dewitjur


Anyone else having food court contracts that should be successful that then say you failed?


I thought people already bug-reported that on Internal.


Same… thought to it was too obvious :expressionless:


Final release of the year. Mainly baggage fixes. We plan to look into the other bugs the following week. :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.4-4


  • [ACEO-8492] - Baggage belts do not connect to the direction that you place them when another belt is adjacent
  • [ACEO-8638] - Bags get stuck on baggage bay after unloaded from service truck
  • [ACEO-8648] - Employee cannot leave secure zone after zone change
  • [ACEO-8770] - Baggage belt arrows going in the wrong direction
  • [ACEO-8777] - Conveyor belt on baggage bay snap to underground belts causing incorrect diversion behavior
  • [ACEO-8779] - Baggage gets stuck on belt truck on load
  • [ACEO-8809] - Mark object for deletion pays back money instantly even if objects is not demolished
  • [ACEO-8944] - Employee UI card has wrong colors


Accessing the employee button on the interface has been a non-stop source of finger crossing each time I use it in game. It’s worse if the game isn’t paused. If the game crashes, It’s always in the setting of pressing the employee button. It hangs up for a long time. Most times, it gets through it, some times, it will crash the system.


All you can do is file a bug report and submit it to the Devs for them to work on in the new year :smile:.


Will bagage also be optimized? I can’t really handle 10k passenger with bagage enabled but without bagage its fine.


Getting duplicates of the CEO and one of them is completely black like a silhouette. Will be filing bug report soon.


Had the same issue, already filed a report


The Devs said that they would be looking at it and improving it, with new sites and what not to improve the performance of the game :slight_smile:.