Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Seems too minor to be reported as a bug but will do anyway


Wow, your real good at catching these little spelling mistakes.


To good


I know it may come across a bit harsh but all I want to do is to help make the game better


That’s why people file big reports


The use the “bug report” feature to track all the issue in a uniform manner. It puts it on a list that is centrally accessible by staff as a work list. When each item is resolved, they change the status of it on the work list created through the bug-report feature. In essence, there’s no item too small from the bug report, because they all need to be tracked in a uniform manner. The size of the bug lies in the content of it and the time to correct it. Sometimes resolving 25 small items in a few hours can be rewarding when you spent a few hours trying to fix a single issue without any progress being made and more frustrations being found.


Sure, what you said.


Note taken


Just had airport staff walk from one side of T1 to do duties in T2 when staff were sat on their bottoms in a T2 staff lounge. Too late to send in a bug report but will watch out for it in future so I can. Ugh Delays…


Alpha 29.5-2 coming up any second to the experimental branch with some bug fixes. Mainly the NAN issue after constructing rooms and the de-serialization issue with staff. Thanks for your patience! :airplane:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.5-2


  • [ACEO-9087] - Bags belonging to flights that have been removed from the world can throw a null reference exception when attempting to fetch a baggage claim are destination node
  • [ACEO-9167] - Baggage claim can become deactivated on load
  • [ACEO-9229] - Exception in aircraft de-serialization causes vehicles and staff to disappear
  • [ACEO-9235] - Funds text set to $NAN when trying to build a room
  • [ACEO-9239] - Uncaught null reference exception when assigning job tasks to a vehicle agent using legacy property can cause all job task dispatchment to stop
  • [ACEO-9240] - Room names and descriptions missing in build menu
  • [ACEO-9248] - Missing null reference check for flight can cause service car to stall when deboarding employees
  • [ACEO-9253] - Legacy position property used for vehicle agents can throw uncaught null reference exception and cause stall
  • [ACEO-9263] - Minor spelling mistakes in tool tip text


Nice, these bug fixes fix almost all bugs that have been causing disruption to my airport.

Anyone know how to despawn the 10k passengers that spawn when you push the button as I accidently spawned them trying to send all pax home??!?


@Fredrik - Hey, Game in general is buggy and slow and unplayable at all. ACEO-9154.


There’s been a slight issue with the deployment and a few of the issues in the changelog have not been deployed correctly, a hotfix will be out shortyl! :slight_smile:


Which is why it’s “alpha” but hey… 51 gates, 8700 people 4400 bags, a bit choppy on a 4 year old non-gaming laptop… playable… yeah… perfect? Nope. Don’t waste their time submitting a bug report that expresses your feelings…

Shame the game is unplayable… Getting ready to add another 21 gates…


… aaand the hot-fix is out! Still Alpha 29.5-2.


@Olof - Hey the hotfix didn’t fix my issue. the game is laggy and very slow. After 5 minutes I want to break my computer!!! Please just play my save for 5 minutes! ACEO-9154. Thanks.


What are your computer specs?


I’ve sent in a couple of bug reports already. I should add a detail to one of them.
ACEO-9297 PAx are spawning on a shuttle bus stop when deboarding. Didn’t notice yet it only happens to my flights that have no jetway


Intel i7 6500U 2.5GHZ
Nvidia Geforce GT 940M

It only changed since the new system. The old system was great!


Hello Olaf,

I’m missing the start menu (resolution).