Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


I also reported that bug :slight_smile:




I’m not, wish we could switch cause i see no point on it popping up every time i start the game.


Could I make a minor suggestion, could you add a button to turn off all notifications in game as I would prefer not to have to turn them every game login.

Plus sent a message to @Fredrik


That should be saved in the game, i.e. your notification settings should be saved, are they not?


I can’t say they are or aren’t, but I’m under the impression some systems might not be working. Pax aren’t switching for security checkpoint anymore, and my janitor jobs might be under way to blow up again.


Submit a bug and we’ll check it out! :slight_smile:


already did, ACEO-9295, btw, ACEO-9044 is basically what i said in ACEO-8615


Please, guys, keep this topic only for 29 Release. My heart jumps from the chest when I see new lines, hoping that are news regarding releases. Post the bugs and problems into the proper category. Community Leader help us. And please… don’t mind! :slightly_smiling_face:


As far as I can see this is the proper thread for bug reports on the 29 Release. Even though experimental it’s where I would post mine. Though I do agree there was a split at some point between being deployed on Default and work on the EXP branch that is the cause of your palpitations. Having said that though all of the details do relate to a A29 release. At this stage it would be hard to separate given the mix, your point is valid though and hopefully we can learn in the future to split point releases on the EXP branch to updates on the mainline branch. @Olof


We could set up a separate topic just for change logs if that’d be of interest! Would solve this issue. :slight_smile:


@Rubble thanks for taking care of me and my palpitations! But please understanding me, that I didn’t play since Saturday because of crash of the game on my computer, right after placing my first medium stand on EXP branch. However 29.5-2 should fix some of my problem that I couldn’t enjoy. Still, I think my issues are form exp. so I can not wait for the release or whatever call it. Again, please don’t mind guys, and don’t take it personally! Love the game, love you guys for development&testing&reporting, and I’m not gay. :laughing:


You had a crash placing a medium stand??? I was dodging the NaN bug most of the time. If you are able do bug report your issue then. Game crashing issues are something the Devs very much like to hear about.

Fredrik and Olof are working overtime right now getting the next release ready to drop for us to test and build our airports.

And, erm, arm, erm, I’m not gay either??? Why that was a thing I’ve no idea?


Let’s keep the discussion to Alpha 29 as previously requested! :wink:

Today we’ve been working on some pretty large changes, as well as patching a few important bugs. The changes relate to stand assigned vehicles (finally! … and well, actually doing a complete overhaul to the game’s vehicle parking systems) and Fredrik has multi-threaded the auto planner to get it running smooth.

The infamous boarding bug has been fixed along with a few other minor fixes. We will most likely test these new features internally tomorrow and depending on the result have a new experimental version out as soon as possible.


I thought we had a topic with change logs somewhere.

Ah, we had one for another version, someone should make another one :smiley:


Are you getting significant lag and high GPU usage about 15-25 minutes into the game, when zoomed out, overlooking the map? That’s what I’m having and my specs are pretty similar to yours.


The bug hunt continues! :smiley:

Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.5-3


  • [ACEO-9311] - Auto scheduler now runs in a separate thread and will plan automatically in the background to prevent lag spikes


  • [ACEO-8705] - Auto scheduler can sometimes assign a medium aircraft to a small stand
  • [ACEO-8816] - Passengers can get stuck at boarding desk halfway through boarding
  • [ACEO-8958] - Not possible to zone 1x1 Staff Zone
  • [ACEO-9030] - Rare null ref causing pax to get stuck in security queues
  • [ACEO-9044] - Boarding can stop if using two boarding desks and only one is operated
  • [ACEO-9114] - Bugged debug displacement method does not take person secure status into account and can cause passengers deboarding from remote stands to get stuck
  • [ACEO-9298] - Incorrect flight number on arriving passengers boarding tag
  • [ACEO-9313] - Spelling mistakes in procurement descriptions
  • [ACEO-9315] - Edge scroll doesn't always work when trying to scroll upwards
  • [ACEO-9329] - Disabling middle mouse panning doesn't work or save the setting
  • [ACEO-9333] - Sold service vehicles do not remove self from job task availability list correctly causing job task dispatchment system to break down


Blockquote * [ACEO-9044] - Boarding can stop if using two boarding desks and only one is operated

YAY!!! two boarding desks makes boarding twice as fast. It’s fun watching 4 people roll through the entrance instead of 1-2…

Thank you!


Blockquote * [ACEO-9333] - Sold service vehicles do not remove self from job task availability list correctly causing job task dispatchment system to break down

I wonder if the same error type is occurring the employee system. I just crashed to desktop after firing >40 service technicians, saving and the trying to fire more. It didn’t survive it. freeze, crash… I’ll submit the bug reporrt in a second, but the employee tab is always a source of serious slow down for me.


WOW I’ve never had more than five for a 5K PAX build. Rest of staff yeah I get that kind of number.