Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


I have 42 check-in desks for 14 stands


i have 6 bus stops and 2 subway entrance, do you think i need more?


Anyone else having problems with curves on belts on this version? Mine is always pointing for the wrong side.


can you provide a screen shot of your check-in desk and the transit area…


It’s on claim area.


how I usually deal with that is to delete the mess up one and the one above it then replace it… it usually fix it… or you could try to save the game and reload it


and I usually use the slow belts for the baggage claim area for the realism for the pax to have a chance to grab there bags lol


I tried delete and not worked. I will try reload. Thanks.


hehe good idea.
I guess that was my fault. After unpause the game, after a while the belt fixed alone. Weird.


Spelling error


Hey that’s my job lol


those belts are annoying at times…



Hey all, back from the weekend with excitement for a new productive week! :smiley: :heart:

Correct, I have multiple reports on this and it will be patched today!

Awesome! :smiley:

Yeah, correct, we don’t do an update of those arrows until the game is rolling. Perhaps an initial update on load would be of good use @Fredrik?


Pax in a corner, flashing baggage


Is this on Alpha 29.9-4?


Yes, 29.9-4, right now


There is a problem with boarding the shuttle. When using multiply boarding desks, queues are created when boarding directly to the shuttle. Passengers must pass through the red dot in the screenshot and only after that they enter to the shuttle. And loading goes mainly through the front door (2). The back door is used less frequently(1).
Because of this, unnecessary flight delays occur, especially if it is a large aircraft for 200 passengers.
If the loading is made in two independent queues for each door of the shuttle, this will help to solve the problem.


Do you have a bug report number for me?


report 10249