Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


report 10250
Very low speed of resuplying fuel depot.
Sometimes resupply of the fuel depot takes a long time, the yellow truck works a very long time, spending money and the speed of refueling is slow. Since fuel truck are coming continiosly, this process never ends.


Already fixed here! :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you)


Please make the “auto refuel” order based on the total amount of volume, and not the base tank.


The delivery system will see a slight overhaul to match the very performant job task system, when we implement construction simulation for multiple floors. Will have a look at that then! :slight_smile:


report 10256
No boarding for long time delayed flight
If the flight is delayed for many hours, passengers will not fly away. Everything is ready for service: aircraft is waiting at the stand, shuttle is waiting, passengers are grouped near the boarding desk, staff agents arrived too. But the display shows “No scheduled flight”. This situation will continue infinitly and the flight will not fly away.


I noticed that the number of boarded pax is always one less than the number of checkined pax on the flight.


Does the boarding complete even though the counter is off?


Yes, boarding is complete and the flight will be sent away. UPDATE: this is true for medium stands. Small stands work correctly.


In general information, this version 29.9-4 works well, with disabled ramp agents.
The conveyor of flights will be continuous and without bugs with a large number of stands. But sometimes with minor delayed flights.
I tested it for several hours on fast speed


I always love that everyone has different experiences. This to me is the best build for everything. I’ve even turned on luggage and had it working as expected. I found the belt loaders animation unload routine as little missing but nothing wrong with the ramp agents doing there jobs. Bug report it would be my best suggestion.


I’ve sent in a bug report ages ago about this, i startec counting all pax on the entire process to see what would happen. And i had come to the following conclusion:
1 - All pax get on board of the shuttle bus on the shuttle bus stop.
2 - One passenger doesn’t get off the bus when boarding the plane on the stand. He remains counted as on the airport
3 - The ‘stuck’ pax will magically appear on the Road side Bus Stop after the next save and reload. they will stand still for a second, then proceed to leave.

ACEO 7764


Alpha 29.9-5 is on its way out now. Contains one critical fix for the delivery system and two important fixes for remote stands. More to follow tomorrow…

… also: Modular sofas courtesy of @Alexander and @Jettuh!

Since there’s a few changes to critical systems here this won’t go live on the default branch until we know that these changes do not disrupt anything else.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.9-5

New Feature


  • [ACEO-10147] - REIL-lights can overlap runway entrances
  • [ACEO-10193] - Mirrored Nordic logo on BAe 146
  • [ACEO-10220] - Uncaught null reference exception can cause ramp agents to stall at remote stands
  • [ACEO-10231] - Delivery system can in rare instances not initiate deliveries correctly (fuel, construction material)
  • [ACEO-10253] - Job task for shuttling ramp agents from remote stands only verify via stand and job task type (and not flight) which can cause stranded ramp agents


Really like the look of those sofas!


Awesome sofas!

I also like how fast you guys are. I reported the Nordic logo this weekend and it’s already fixed on the first day of the week. Keep up the good work!


nice! modular sofas


@Olof - Hey I don’t see my bug yet on the issues list. just checking you got it. ACEO-10135.


I like the progression you’re making with bug fixing, it’s going allot faster now! Gives me confidence that there are a lot of good things to come.


How about moving walkways? Are there any plans and ideas for implementation in this regard?


Me too! With Alexander onboard and with Jettuh and Rubble supporting us in asset creation we’ve really had a few good deployments as of recent, not to mention the help we get here from the community in various forms with testing and support. A lot of great bug reports are also enabling us to quickly identify issues (or what we believe to be the issue… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but with stuff like the high CPU load and many remote stand bugs fixed it’s getting more and more stable. We’re properly sorted with our branching strategy now too meaning that we can easily split half the day working on more bug fixes and improvements for experimental that then quickly get deployed to default, while also working on major upcoming features. Fredrik has for example been working on multi-floor all day! :slight_smile:

That looks like something we’ll let the feature voting decide on. We might also, for the sake of operational performance, implement it any way since I agree that it’d be a good feature to include to mitigate boarding issues caused by long walks (I will however soon teach pax to run if they’re late for their flight (and same for employees)).

We’ve got it. The bug backlog contains around 600 issues right now (maaaany duplicates) so not all bugs are processed through the workflow. Please note that it’s never guaranteed that your report is the one that’s actually worked on, but that it’s covered within a different bug report or that we simply use it for the data it contains (saves, logs, screens). All bugs are however looked at and read through in due time!