Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Having one issue after the other can it be due to new update. Currently having version 29.4.4
Very frustrating.
Bagage option disables itself, same with fuel option, fuel tanks not refilling…

Crap all over !!!


Fuel tanks refilling was fixed with 29.9-5 (sounds like you’re on default). As for the other bugs I can only recommend sending in a bug report and it will be, as I mentioned earlier, processed in due time! :slight_smile:

Edit: Just saw that you’re mentioning 29.4-4? Latest version on default is 29.9-4 so I’d highly recommend you to update if that’s the case.


Love the modular sofa! Not sure what it would take, but if it could be considered to convert it to be laid out like conveyor belts, it’ll save a ton of time placing. :slight_smile:


Must give kudos, everything is running flawlessly, I left for 15 minutes, and everything was still running on time :smiley:


Why are airport staff leaving a secure zone for a staff room, when there is one right next to them in the secure zone? Creating massive delays having to go back through security. I thought this was “upgraded” in the tasking overhaul?


Another thing, boarding has to be more efficient, I have 3 boarding desks, and they only board the bus 1 at a time, a bit of an issue there :thinking:


10278 - I have a staff strike.

Building stopped, service rounds stopped, janitors stopped.


Happened, again. - 10281


I have 1000 pax on field - ACEO 10282 - without incomming flights.


What do you mean? After passing through a boarding desk they do not care about any queuing and all walk immediately to board the bus.

Will take a look at it.

It has been, yes, but there might be certain simulation cases that do not translate well enough into those rules, you might have a unique airport layout for example. If you make a bug report I’ll take a look at it and see if there’s any adjustments to be made!


We’re currently investigating an issue where all persons suddenly can stop or stall in the airport, has anyone here encountered that on the most recent versions of .9-4 or .9-5?


Can we get a munual timer on the occupied stand warning? Due to long taxi times, most of the time, the new plane arives within the window that the next flight is coming in. And since I do not get any turnaround warnings, planes dont delay, they just taxi for a long time. Mostly due to insufficient routing blocks (huge numbers of planes waiting on 1 plane).


Working on that as of now! :slight_smile:


My airport from the staff freezes do have the top right airstrip already, I think, you can test it perfectly on it :wink: - I just disabled GA on that one now, I forgot that before.

Is the Airline satisfaction based on the occupancy of the stand? that would explain extreme long times to recover your rating.


I startet a new airport yesterday… and the staff wont work correctly…flights have massive delays too… :frowning: and i feel like the trucks dont fill up the aircraft correctly some aircrafts do get some jet1 others do not gettin anything or only under 50%.
Sorry for my english


Running a mid-day deployment for Alpha 29.9-6 as we’re getting several reports on stalled people which we believe to be correlated to an exception in a core movement method. Deploying this update now as a means to track if the fixes we’ve implemented mitigates that bug! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.9-6


  • [ACEO-9370] - Heavy performance degradation on nearest node call for baggage reaching end of line
  • [ACEO-10270] - Uncaught exception in movement system can cause all persons in an airport to randomly stall


Aircraft can’t deboarding. All services are ready for deboarding.
Report 10285


After a long time airport simulation, the ramp-agents accumulates on the service car stop. At the same time, the ramp agent service works fine.
Service cars are enough
In job tasks list, I see, that jobs claimed is more than my agents can have, but everything is ok
aceo 10286


Second release for the day as there’s been a slight issue with the prefab setting for remote stand related objects.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.9-7


  • [ACEO-10135] - Airside shuttle buses can get stuck in a loop if containing onboard passengers for a job where a flight has already departed
  • [ACEO-10185] - Prefab issue casues remote stand bus stop not to be automatically zoned as secure
  • [ACEO-10288] - Car service stop is not zoned as staff by default


I really feel like security needs to be sorted out as in my relatively average sized airport with 1.5k pax, many pax do not get through security on time, even with 8 medium security checkpoints.