Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


How many stands do you have?


18 medium
6 remote
Though I only have 9 medium stands (0 remote) open


Well, then you have one less security check-point than you have stands. I don’t have access to any data charts on what kind of throughput airports expect to have on their security checkpoint entrances (so I’m very open to suggestions) but if you plan those flights so that they all overlap you’d expect peak load on those security check-points, to process for medium flights I’d argue that if you want to handle all that pax load at the same time efficiently for one flight you’d need at least two security check-points per flight.


@Olof, I did make a bug report last night (I want to say it was around bug number 10273 or 10275), and titled it something like “Airport Staff Going to Farthest Room” or something to that affect. I basically recreated BHX to the best of my abilities, without altering map size, and it perplexes me as I have another save with purposely enlarged maps, with multiple secure zones, and still that work better than this unaltered map/single secure-zone-airport.


That would be a good solution although that would mean that I would need 48 security checkpoints if I were to open all of my stands at the same time and with the medium checkpoints taken up and 8x8 area it would simply not be a viable idea to take up all that space


Last update for today, will most likely go to the default branch later tonight as we again have accumulated many important fixes.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.9-8


  • [ACEO-10191] - Airside shuttle bus can in certain cases deboard everyone but one passenger onboard
  • [ACEO-10205] - Stand display does not indicate whether a stand is connected to a runway or not
  • [ACEO-10249] - Internal pausing method for agents boarding vehicles do not update rendering and position correctly causing lower corner flashing


In my opinion security check-points need a rebalance of their performance too. If I compare to real life, there will be more than one people to prepare for the security check (baggage). If I remember right, ingame it needs the former passenger (with baggage) to finish his check, for the next one to start. I think, it would be better if the next one already starts, after the former put his baggage onto the security check belt and starts to move.

Maybe the security checks are too big too? … maybe I’m wrong, but my impression is, that security check points need to much space compared to the amount of stands.

With auto-flight planner it seems to be almost impossibile to plan your flights to avoid peaks. How about the idea for slot based auto-planner? It’s a lot of micro management if you have to manage all flights by hand on big airports just to avoid peaks.


@Seraphin I remember this sort of being a thing in an earlier (recently) experimental release. I distinctly remember seeing if a passenger had a bag they would drop it at the scanner, and say the person behind them does not have a bag, they would run right through the metal detector before the one with a bag. I absolutely loved it because it helped tremendously with timing. Suddenly, it went back to just one passenger going through at a time, and I was upset at the reversal…


Olof, I’m indeed on default branch but my version still stays at 29.9.4 no update to .5,
so stuck with the fuel issue…


Agree. IRL 2 to 4 people are preparing to go through security by filling the tray’s with liquids, laptops, electronics, etc. The medium security checkpoints should at least handle 2 people because at the moment they are not quicker than a small checkpoint but are 2,5 times the size. So would be nice if the medium checkpoints would handle at least twice the amount from the small checkpoints.


Going by real life I’m pretty sure that Philadelphia International has roughly the equivalent 4 medium security stations per terminal. Terminal B, for instance, has 15 stands that accept nothing smaller normally than an E170 up through everything else the medium stand in the game does. I’ll have to do more research to see an average of flights per day, but today B1 had 5 flights over the course of 14 hours. So, yeah, I think that security should probably be able to handle more than they currently do.


I definitely have never done a 2:1 ratio of security to gates, and have never had an issue with passengers making it through security in time. I just fill up the space I allocated for security. I usually do the medium security checkpoints as passengers-only, and then small ones as staff-only. I will mostly max out my space with medium sized ones, and then 2-4 small ones depending on the size of the secure area/how many gates there are.


I’m the same, I tend to build more security points than I need initially, but only open them incrementally once there is demand. Think 2:1 ratio of security to gates is the most I’ve hit.

As I mentioned in the queuing thread, real world airports seem to be at a similar ratio:


There is a problem with the security checks… the staff leave the security check before the new ones arrive to continue… and ALL the line move out and miss their flights because they move to other security check


That happens, if distance is to long. If you have closer staff rooms for security staff, they will arrive bevor shift change and wait. It’s caused, as time for walking isn’t individually considered (yet?), but theres a fixed amount of time for walking.


Another problem with security check points:

Every intelligent person would change the queue. :wink:
Reported as a bug once, can’t find the bug number though.

edit@size: If medium security checkpoints would be 6x8 tiles, instead of 8x8 tiles, five checkpoints would fit where there are four now.


I think that it should be changed so that the current staff only leave their checkpoint once the relief staff have arrived, as the same thing happens with baggage bays


I don’t think it happens like you say at baggage bays. I’d guess, it happens by accident if your staff room for ramp agents isn’t that far away.


Alpha 29.9-8 has been transitioned to the default branch with the following change log between the most recent default version.

We’ll deploy a new experimental version soon with a re-implementation of the proper aircraft path occupancy system that stopped working a while ago, but we need to test it out on the exp to see if it’s stable which is why it won’t go live as a part of this update.

Aaaaaand of course we’ll be back with more updates tomorrow… ! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.9-8

New Feature


  • [ACEO-9370] - Heavy performance degradation on nearest node call for baggage reaching end of line
  • [ACEO-10135] - Airside shuttle buses can get stuck in a loop if containing onboard passengers for a job where a flight has already departed
  • [ACEO-10147] - REIL-lights can overlap runway entrances
  • [ACEO-10185] - Prefab issue casues remote stand bus stop not to be automatically zoned as secure
  • [ACEO-10191] - Airside shuttle bus can in certain cases deboard everyone but one passenger onboard
  • [ACEO-10193] - Mirrored Nordic logo on BAe 146
  • [ACEO-10205] - Stand display does not indicate whether a stand is connected to a runway or not
  • [ACEO-10220] - Uncaught null reference exception can cause ramp agents to stall at remote stands
  • [ACEO-10231] - Delivery system can in rare instances not initiate deliveries correctly (fuel, construction material)
  • [ACEO-10249] - Internal pausing method for agents boarding vehicles do not update rendering and position correctly causing lower corner flashing
  • [ACEO-10253] - Job task for shuttling ramp agents from remote stands only verify via stand and job task type (and not flight) which can cause stranded ramp agents
  • [ACEO-10270] - Uncaught exception in movement system can cause all persons in an airport to randomly stall
  • [ACEO-10288] - Car service stop is not zoned as staff by default


While they do all quene, they only board 1 person at a time, which is very slow. They only go one person onto the bus at a time