Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Not anymore… :wink: … queuing is disabled from the point after the boarding desk in the latest version.

Should also say it appears as if the stopped persons bug’s frequency is reduced but it’s not completely solved. If anyone here experiences it I’d love if you share it here so we can uncover what is going on.


Bug 10314, all my departing aircrafts’ baggage is invisible. Thought I was too zoomed out, but I zoomed in and still nothing; however, the ramp agents still follow through on the tasks and act as if they are there. (Not sure if the case is the same for arriving baggage, but it is visible in baggage claims)

@Olof, this is also the save where I mentioned my staff are leaving secure zones to go to a staff room, when they are literally walking past a secure staff room, and then go back through security for boarding.

I am also noticing a huge decrease in the efficiency of my security checkpoints. All of my security agents have 4 green bars in their skills, yet I cannot get an efficiency score above a 1.5 maybe 1.6. Massive delays now.


Problem with lights on 172


Just reported. I got schedule flights but they just stop landing or people coming to airport. I have it now twice in two different saved game.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :wink:
At least as far as I’m aware of it:


I have several stands that complete boarding, and then have the plane not departing. 10320

Appointing vehicles is a mess, non of these vehicles I ever appointed to a stand.


Fuel is still not possible


I found that it will allow a switch, once all vehicles on your airport are filled.

Sometimes manually order new deliveries to keep your depot full helps speeding up filling them.

When does Baggage Loading place in the ramp sequence? Can it pls start when a plane lands?

Why does a delay warning that you say yes too, but then 3 hours after it came up, show another 2 times? if I say yes after 3 hours, I want it there from that point on, so, the 2 hour deadlines in between too.

Everyone waiting on everybody. 1 plane is coming out of the right lane, in the bot left, it is blocking the left lane, it is blocking 4! airstrips since planes that reserved a path that are waiting on this 1 plane, are blocking other planes. Between 1 way ground signs should be independent blocks… so, a plane that wants to go from A to B, plans ahead a whole route, but reserves from one way pointer, to the next, in stead of half the airport.


Did you choose correct fuel depot Avgas one or JetA1 one? Cause there’s two types


And the build display overlay of MED JET 1 still shows the MED AVAGAS installation :wink:


When ACEOMK releases? Can’t wait I am playing SA (SimAirport) Just because it has more modding stuff :slight_smile:. It’s boring to play with same aircrafts everyday :slightly_frowning_face: ACEOMK Would change so much…


How about this? 10286
Sometimes ramp agents do not return to rest room.
The problem exists in the latest version.
These agents have “working” task assigned to stand which havent any aircrafts.
As a result, they are not released from tasks and I havent enough agents.


This was fixed for me in the latest version


Ok i’m trying to test now


Can you please also stop the bags being on top of each other whilst moving on the belts and in the claim area.


The problem with agents still exist.
I built a new airport with 12 medium stands and about 4k pax. The airport functions perfectly, but this problem appears after a while, at first everything works well. Agents do not return to rest room, and they are have assigned task to nowhere.


Bug report number?




did u make sure everything is zoned as secure ?


Yes, I zoned as usual.
Turning on / off the car stop helps for a while.