Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


All boarding gates suddenly stop working after a while
bug 10427
Save&Reload helps.


@Gobbybobby, I have been preaching to @Olof and @Fredrik to make a “Dismiss Shuttle Bus” button so that we can get remote flight out with some passengers. But at that time, I was the only one chiming in on it. Now that someone else has suggested it, maybe it will be taken seriously? I would still hold my breath though.


That would be a really poor solution to the problem at hand, in my opinion. We are very hesitant to add these types of features as it simply may lead to the bug not getting fixed, i.e. that we get a lot less bug data in since a large number of people would just dismiss those stuck airside shuttle buses. They shouldn’t stuck and when all bugs have been fixed - they won’t get stuck.


As I see the situation now, the problems of queues are a separate problem, they are not connected with buses. When optimizing placement of services, everything works well, but so far there are unexpected errors with buses at the moment.


Will release a new version within a few hours, in excess of the logged issues being resolved (and a few more once I’ve done some checking) two major things will change in relation to job task agents (employees, service vehicles), job tasks and staff rooms (or parking objects). The following .gifs should give an idea:

The above also applies for vehicles. First .gif demonstrates properly working efficient secure area distance based job task checking (don’t know how to describe it differently), second demonstrates agents being able to abort long walks (or drives) if assigned a new job task. Both should have been implemented long ago but it’s only now, from a performance perspective, that the dispatchment system is ready to follow through. Will post again once the new update is out!


sooooo no more waiting for employees to walk from one end of the airport to another? and did you fix how the staff picks which staff room to go to for a break


That’s the idea, yes, at least the bulk. The above .gif shows that they grab the nearest staff room according to their position and secure area status (which they always have, however the job dispatch system has only tried to match employee with closest job, now it’s enforced).

There is still cases in which it can be experienced as stupid, for example, the job task system won’t re-evaluate assigned job tasks, so if an employee gets assigned a job task far away, and a new employee becomes available closer to that job task the system will not initially recognize that. However, after we’ve tested these changes out I should be able to enable something like that. But, baby steps here… running more tests now.


sweet… I know that coding this stuff isnt easy… I like how you guys are sooo on-top of stuff quickly and you get issues solve quick


I would prefer to first eliminate all the bugs associated with the arrivals of aircraft and the movement of service vehicles. Staff work not bad for now. It is not a matter of life or death. So that I could build a small airport at least and leave it to drink coffee without fear for occasional bugs.


Bug 10442, new build airport in 10-0, and I cannot buy any vehicles (while in sandbox mode). Says I do not meet the requirements to get them…


do you have Produment manager hired?


Yes, I didn’t realize I needed a lot/depot, even if I wasn’t on planning on using them…


well in sandbox - you need one manager - then all vehicles are availble


Hi There, can you please look into ACEO-10406. Passenger and plane are not coming to my airport :frowning:. It makes me wonder which airport they are going to :rage:


Is your airport open?


Yes, flights are scheduled and no planes landing and no passenger.


Do you have an ATC tower, and security check points?


I have it all, the airport was operating normally and suddenly it no planes landing or passenger coming to airport. I have this happening in two different saved airport


which game version are you on


best is use BUG reporter - they will figure out what is wrong with airport