Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Same issue with the runways. You can only extend them outside of the world border/unlocked land and not when it’s within the world border/unlocked land.

Anyways, thanks for this!: “Adapted ATC rules to ensure that the latest commercial flight get landing priority over new commercial flights and GA”


Same here and I filled a bug about it (missed the Jira ID for it though…).

Short version: it’s totally broken on both the latest exp and stable (I think they are now one and the same?).
I tried creating several runways:

  1. horizontal W-to-E
  2. horizontal E-to-W
  3. vertical S-to-N
  4. vertical N-to-S
  5. and combo of it being at the edge of the world

1 through 4 just completely failed to be extended.
5 could only be extended outside the world map.

Gut feeling tells me the check for whether the runway extension is inside the map or not is reversed :slight_smile:


Fredrik is working on fixing the runway bug :slight_smile:


These should resolve the runway extension and no landings issue. These fixes will go directly to default. :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.10-4


  • [ACEO-10488] - Plane taking wide turns when park
  • [ACEO-10576] - Planes stop landing due to uncaught exception
  • [ACEO-10630] - Unable to extend runway


Thank you for fixing this bug on a Sunday! I’m sure many Airport CEOs really appreciate your work.


Thank you for that!


500 baggage unloaded from small aircraft and unloading do not finished


Hi, lately i posted 4 bug reports about stuck shuttle buses and stuck passengers. There seems to be a problem of one shuttle bus stop handling two aircraft stands. Shuttle buses get stuck all the time. I would like to send my save over so someone could check it out…


Hmm… I wonder if Hermione Granger is a passenger traveling with her bag that holds things endlessly…


I was wondering about that… each time I log back in, my save file lands a bunch of planes that had been out there sitting, waiting, circling… who knows… Figure those will clear themselves out too each time I land. I just changed the bank account balance in the save file because my hourly fee is 76,000 can’t afford to wait. Working fine while the bugs are working through.


C’mooon @Olof, @Fredrik,

We are waiting for you with a new release like the pope. :smile:


C’mooon @Olof, @Fredrik,

We are waiting for you with a new release like the pope. :smile:

Apoapsis Studios doesn’t work on Saturday and Sunday so what we should do is;

  • Respecting Apoapsis Studios working hours and wait updates patiently :wink:
  • Report as many bugs as possible to help developers to improve the game.


@EG0611 take a deep breath and keep calm.
It was a cheer for the guys.

Go Apoapsis Studios, go!


Let’s keep it friendly we all have the same goal of enjoying the game :slight_smile: and building fantastic airports. We all wait for new updates but people in Europe don’t tend to work on sat and sun so we have to wait for a bit for updates.


Some of my security checkpoint stop working afer a while. This happens during a shift. I have enough security workers. At the beginning of the queue one empty place.


This has already been fixed for today’s update.


Thank you, and how about issue with not boarding to hard delayed flight? This prevents the airport from returning to its normal state after massive flight delays. Shuttle do not arriving at bus stop, and flight can’t depart. As I thing, if shuttle task time goes to end, bus never dont arriving, but plane and pax waits.


Will there be a Devablog today?


A evening deployment including some important bug fixes is on the way. DevLog will be postponed until tomorrow as we are focusing on the bugs at the moment. :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.10-5


  • [ACEO-10651] - Runway cannot be opened if ATC tower is not built
  • [ACEO-10692] - Adjust employee job task object occupation cancellation threshold from 240 to 60 in-game minutes
  • [ACEO-10694] - Enable job task agents to remember a job task they recently failed to avoid immdeiate claim-fail loops
  • [ACEO-10703] - Floodlight poles visible through terrain
  • [ACEO-10710] - Hedge overlay text removed
  • [ACEO-10711] - Added slight random rotation on chairs
  • [ACEO-10712] - Slightly reduced size of medium quality chair sprite smaller


  • [ACEO-10475] - Current queue point index mismatch can cause static queues to stall
  • [ACEO-10624] - Baggage left behind on airside bus stop
  • [ACEO-10668] - Uncaught null reference exception on order validation system can cause construction material not to be delivered
  • [ACEO-10689] - Invisible service truck can stuck at cargo bay causing baggage loading disruption
  • [ACEO-10697] - Passenger feet and leg visible on top of food counter top
  • [ACEO-10701] - Tutorial page not loading when using right tabs


Blockquote Apoapsis Studios doesn’t work on Saturday and Sunday so what we should do is;

“Them thars fightin words” (in a gruf us western movie voice)

Blockquote * Respecting Apoapsis Studios working hours and wait updates patiently :wink:

“Did you just wink at me?” (in same gruf western movie voice)