Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


If you are lazy to paint everything 1 by 1 you will DEFINITELY love the paint brush feature.

What’s next? Copy Paste tool? :wink:


or pick-up and move object ? lol



At least they’re occupying a single spot… one could ask the question… is this the intended use of any breakroom??? especially when there are numerous breakrooms located around the terminal…


Really need a one person, one tile policy when the staff member is not in motion…

I just submitted a bug report on the construction worker exodus. IT’s the same file. I can’t remember the name, but it references a “when” statement in the description.


@Alexander Is already aware of this. :slight_smile: and looking to correct. Do bug report though :slight_smile:


It’s not even a pretty flower… black leaves, brown center… it seems sort of goth and depressing. And tired too…


Hmm… they didn’t bother to remove the packaging material…


And when it’s dark outside…


I’m still interested in trying out buggy feaures. It’s great fun! And i love all the progress you make.


Please, DECREASE 4 hour 45 minutes turnaround time for large aircrafts. It’s very easy to play now. My boardings ends 1 hour before scheduled depart time. For what it’s was developed? Game give to player full possibility to perform flight plan in time. If anyone can’t use them, let them optimize airport. And now I have less time in flight planner and I’m forced to build extra stands.
I optimized the airport as much as possible to perform the flight turnaround time, and was disappointed when the turnaround time for large aircraft was increased.
Or develop a switch for turnaround time, same as passenger per flight ratio.


Anyone else experiencing ACEO-10946 (PAX stuck at shops, causing delays) from time to time?


Maple is testing the absolute limits of their planes’ aerodynamics by experimenting with the fuselage!

(I couldn’t find the log file, so missed the bug report ID…)


Oh, that’s not good @Fredrik. That’s not how she was designed I’ll tell you that :slight_smile:


lol :joy:


Concorde meets… :grin:


This game’s bugs amaze me. There has never been an update about Q400 and suddeny we have a mutated one :smiley:


There’s the update… :stuck_out_tongue: … when sprite sheets are consolidated stuff like this happens! :laughing:


I expected it to be because of that. It gave me a good laugh though.


Bug 10954, I’m still having passengers go to the closest security queue. Saw it was remedied on someone else’s save, so I’m just jealous. :wink: Cuts it close on some departures, or just past an on-time departure.


Suddenly have shit with glass walls. Staff can’t reach the plane to unload baggage and do service round…
Strange thing its for already long time build gates which I only took in use after a while.
All is secure zoned properly…


when sprite sheets are consolidated stuff like this happens!

Stop consolidating sprites. They don’t approve of being consolidated. This is them fighting back… My bigger worry is what might happen if you put water on them or if you feed them… do they multiply? Do they turn from cute cuddly sprites into scary gremlin like sprites??