Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Especially if after midnight :slight_smile:


Especially if after midnight :slight_smile:

Which is sort of a thing with time zones…


Anyone an idea on the staff can’t reach stand to unload and load… its ***** irritating


Anyone an idea on the staff can’t reach stand to unload and load…

You can create an in game bug report so devs can take a look.


Do you have a daytime screenshot with the zones enabled please?


Problem with agents was occured after update with choosing closest ramp agent for task job. This update ruined my excellent ramp agents work. Sometimes, the game assigned for work those agents, who waiting car at nearest stand to return. As result they are must be return to their car parking stand, change car and then go to assigned task stand. I’m totally frustrating of this


Hello! After a full weekend on the experimental branch Alpha 29.12-1 is getting pushed over to the default branch with the purpose of ridding this game from any more construction and aviation fuel delivery issues.

We’ve included a few minor livery fixes for the -1 update as well. Below is the full change log as per usual:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-1


  • [ACEO-10333] - Overhauled airport delivery system
  • [ACEO-10824] - Added MDK (mod kit) for Q400, E170 and E190
  • [ACEO-10863] - Default building and demolishing drag and place is now set to "click-hold-release" (previous "click-release-click" can be enabled on via "alternative dragging" toggle in gameplay menu)

New Feature


  • [ACEO-10679] - Service truck carts can on rare occasions be left on parking spots
  • [ACEO-10836] - ATR 42 tail sprite rendering incorrect
  • [ACEO-10851] - Main menu aircraft missing sprites
  • [ACEO-10858] - Missing livery on Havana CRJ 700 aircraft
  • [ACEO-10875] - APU sound effect doesn't properly reduce volume with distance
  • [ACEO-10889] - Sit position on certain modular sofa piece not correct on load
  • [ACEO-10895] - Broken livery on Q400 aircraft
  • [ACEO-10947] - Dash 8 Q400 fuselage sprite flipped
  • [ACEO-10949] - Havana A320 missing livery
  • [ACEO-10974] - Typo in cargo scanner (II) description


I don’t understand this, the new system is the only one that’s ever 100 percent guaranteed that the closest employee by physical distance (not path) is the one be assigned that job.


Hello everybody.

Have anyone experienced that after this bug ACEO-10651 was implemented the only type of atc tower that is able to actually open the runway is the large one?

I have reported this but i cannot remember the ticket id… Just wanted to make sure that it was not only me.


I tried this one now and was not able to reproduce it, are you on the latest Alpha 29.12-1? Please allow some time (a few seconds) for the game simulation to recognize the built tower, it should then work.


I had an issue when i placed medium stands(Opened and accepting commercial flights) they were not showing on the flight planner. When i reloaded the game the medium stands appeared on the flight planner.


Maybe this is my mistake, I will test more, maybe I just need to better adapt to the new agent delivery system, while this is the bottleneck in my configured airport system


My click > hold > release is having mayor issues at my “huge” airport, not functioning decent at all; even in Pause. (5000 PAX on field)

Another matter, when do we get 5 star construction contracts?

Btw, could you “create” an ‘absolute crossing’ object for taxiways in the right click menu? Now it always is a 4 way crossing, what if I want it to be a 2 way cross?

Does the aircraft path finder choose a runway based on stand proximity, including taxi distance?

I just had a plane visit 80% of my taxi-lanes to get to its stand.

Like I siad before, if I could tunnel “normal road” under taxilane, the loop would be passing south of the terminal and it would not be such a distance :smiley:

Money overlay issues again - ACEO-11022


That’s what I found
(I don’t know how to attach video here)

In this video you can see how ramp agents return to car service stop from MA1 stand, changing car and goes to MA3 stand.
Picture helps to understanding, what is happened. MA1 aircraft service is gone and flight ready to depart. MA3 aircraft is arriving. Ramp agents finished their job at MA1 and decided to move to a nearby stand (MA3). Well done, but they are chose a strange path. Returned to the car stop, moved to another car and drove to the stand MA3. At the same time, there were over 50 free agents near the car stop. This is a big waste of time.
I hope that is clear. (My English is bad)


Good evening,

Second update for today is going to the experimental branch, Alpha 29.12-2 and contains a bunch of minor fixes. Alpha 29 is nearing its end and we’re spending around 50 percent on bug fixing and the other of implementation of new stuff. No dev blog this week so we’d though we’d let you know here, Alpha 30 might make it to the experimental branch later this week but we’ll have to see about that!

Anyway, I’m going to stop ramble and give you the change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-2

New Feature

  • [ACEO-11006] - Adapt paint brush tool to work with vehicles


  • [ACEO-8793] - Terminal doors visible for remote stands
  • [ACEO-8997] - Insufficient information on why stands without security connection doesn't show up in flight planner
  • [ACEO-9890] - Uncaught exception in job tasks panel sorting can cause its update sequence to stop funcitoning
  • [ACEO-10156] - Flight status and weather panel stay open when management panel is opened
  • [ACEO-10412] - Queuing persons do not distribute correctly between desks when waiting for static queue entry
  • [ACEO-10429] - When deserializing empty fuel depot or truck will disable fueling service
  • [ACEO-10876] - Planes spawned via debug panel can get stuck in bottom left corner (warning message will now appear when trying to spawn unscheduled flights (not recommended!))
  • [ACEO-10930] - Uncaught exception causes fuel truck to stop refueling
  • [ACEO-10941] - Fuel depot tank extensions overflow UI
  • [ACEO-11015] - Ground equipment overlap stair truck for E170 aircraft
  • [ACEO-11024] - Very rare out of bounds exception on construction material order system can cause system to stall


I understand! Will take a look at this tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Alpha 30 might make it to the experimental branch later this week but we’ll have to see ab

Hmmm… multi floors??? That’s a completely diffferent animal for airport design. Can’t wait.


Looking at Trello and the dev log, 30 will introduce the new sound track. I think multi-floors are still a little way off :frowning: Yes too looking forward to multi floors.


Bah… this saddens me.


Me too! :sweat_smile: ever since I first played the game, didn’t put me off though thanks to the devs amazing work :+1: