Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Just reported ACEO-11030 where construction workers have been walking through solid walls. This doesn’t seem to be happening with any other job types (eg airport staff etc)


@Toby_H dont you know that construction workers are ghost lol


These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.


Thanks @Alexander for the improvement of the Paint Brush Tool to support vehicle painting! You just make life more easier😊


Anyone know if the service vehicle dispatching is like the airport staff? Closest available takes the job? If so, that is not the case in my airport. Exact opposite, seems the farthest is fetching the job.

I have 1 truck per stand (usually the one to handle the arriving luggage. Then I have a 2nd truck for each stand, parked in a lot, closest to the baggage bay that will have the outbound luggage. However, I keep seeing the truck dispatched for the outbound luggage is coming from a lot that is basically the farthest from the baggage bay it is going to pick up the luggage.

Edit: doesn’t help that these flight also land on the runway farthest from their stand, not the one right next to it… It’s like being able to assign stands to runways would mitigate these delays, and multiple vehicle assignments to stands… :thinking:

@Olof @Fredrik


Likely closest vehicle as the crow flys and not distance to travel.


I hadn’t tested the baggage trucks on the stand yet, but located parking lots close to the stands themselves. We’ll see how it turns out.


@Olof When a Shuttle Bus(Remote Stand, Assigned Vehicle) deboards passengers at the airport can you make it like the same Shuttle Bus also boards the passengers to the plane and not like an other Shuttle Bus will board the passengers to the plane? This will decrease traffic and sounds logic.


I also noticed those vehicles are not colourable anymore.


I find that assigning a single shuttle bus to each remote stand and selling any excess vehicles sorts this problem as planes do not deboard and board at the same time


Have you tried painting the vehicles with the new paint brush tool as this was updated in the most recent update


Yes i did, i tried by changing the colour in the vehicle list and i tried the paint brush tool. Both are not working on those vehicles. (Screenshot in my post)


Yes i already did like i said in my post but sometimes a different shuttle bus is boarding the passengers.


thats my point about getting rid of and other shuttle buses that are not assigned to remote stands so you have a 1:1 ratio buses to stands


It bugs though if a Plane lands late or is delayed, it will de-board then Request another bus for boarding before the bus has finished de-boarded, the bus then returns to the stand and does not go back to board passengers, found same with baggage trucks if I assign them to stands and have non free, if the baggage truck hasn;t finished unloading baggage before it requests loading, it just returns to the stand and does nothing


Good evening, we’re here again with another daily update! Alpha 29.12-3 is out on the experimental branch while we wait for Alpha 30 to appear… shouldn’t be long now…

Here’s today’s change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-3


  • [ACEO-11043] - Contractors will fall back on a random construction order if the nearest one is not reachable
  • [ACEO-11047] - Vehicles with shipments for delivery sites behind a vehicle checkpoint will attempt to enter via that delivery site's nearest vehicle checkpoint
  • [ACEO-11057] - Cafe counter tops now colorable
  • [ACEO-11060] - Reduced path deviation generation for running persons and contractors

New Feature

  • [ACEO-11052] - Airbus A321 added for Tulip, SkyFly and Penguin


  • [ACEO-10243] - Security areas connect with diagonal neighbors causing two separate security areas to merge, which can cause passenger to get stuck in the wrong terminal
  • [ACEO-10460] - Aircraft sometimes does not leave when all passengers are boarded
  • [ACEO-10872] - Rare uncaught exception in aircraft taxi causing aircraft to get stuck
  • [ACEO-11034] - Passengers and employees will run if delayed to a certain flight or job task
  • [ACEO-11042] - Incorrect delivery site null reference check for delivery vehicles can cause stalling


Since when have people been able to “run” to their destination?


Running is a new improvement… Test and see :slight_smile:


Bug 11085, had staff show up to the boarding desks, but they just faced 90 degrees to their left or right, versus facing as if they were boarding passengers, and boarding never started. Only noticed when the gate unavailable notification arose.

Edit: Save & reload seemed to fix


Mass deleting of my airport under way;

11089 - Runway delete cover not covering complete runway

Some nice views;

On loading the game just now, a stand gave a “closing warning”, but like, very, very late.

Doors not deleted when a Terminal Block is deteled; 11092 - Oh, I now see lots of stuff is not deleted, is that due to the building upgrade?

Lovely view :wink:

I love the randomness of it all :smiley:

And shops finish their contract :smiley:


When a runway is deleted, it auto-shrinks on reload. - 11093

Its weird how much stuff gives you money when deleting it, I gained 6 mil dollar while deleting my airport (upto now).

You all know how hard it is to open a Baggage carousel decently, yes? It stays open when it has no roads, or Terminal Blocks or connections to stands.

Truck invastion - they dont get stuck in your shrinking airport! nicely done DEVs!

Isn’t it nice that these shops keep up their contract?

Ready to start over, biggest staff room ever :smiley: