Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Since the new experimental update, i have a very annoy bug. After a couple minutes, no one moves anymore in the airport. When i reload the game, the bug is fixed, but for a couple minutes only before the bug comes back.
Moreover, there is planes that overlap on the stands.

  1. bug report both

  2. Try F10 > unoccupy person nodes, and Reset Aircraft paths (if need be a few times), until the mess clears up, then save / reload.


the F10 only works for passengers. contractors still don’t move, the same for planes. However, it is already a nice thing that passengers move ! (it is the most annoying issue)


I found how the bug with the plane is triggered but don’t know how to solve it.
Somehow, some airplane stands got linked to a runway even if it is not connected at all by a taxiway. Some stands are working correctly, other not, as you can see here below :

On the first picture, only stands with an access to the runway are linked to it, while on the second all stands are connected and thus can’t leave or access to their stand (they just stay on the runway exit).


A321 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anyone able to screenshot the A321 (I away so haven’t got access to the game atm.) - new aircraft types are always greatly received :grinning:


At this time I believe that all runways must be reachable by all stands for the game to work. You cannot have two separate systems


I thought, was under the impression you could have two separate systems. I think @Bardaek has one up and running?


I’m confused - why’s it listed in the above change log for Alpha 29.12-3 then?


Guess it’s Rubbles mistake … Olof listed A321 as a new feature in the recent patchlog, as you say. So it’s already available for sure.


My mistake, I’d not noticed the change log. I will take a look then :).


This is great, we have several bug reports in on this issue and I’ve worked on it for a few days but never been able to reproduce it multiple times in a row. Did you report this bug?? What number?

Edit: I think I see it but there seems to be no data attached to it whatsoever, could you file another bug report or send me the info to support [ a t ] airportceo [ d o t ] com?


Actually, I never had issued to do so in the past and was even better for “plane traffic” management, since it avoids a plane to drive up to the other side of the airport to take off or when they go to their stands.


I thought i reported the bug this morning, but i can’t find any of the reports i did this morning. I’ll fill a new report. and post it here.


Awesome, please let me know as it happens and I will expedite this bug immediately.

Edit: I did find a few more reports on it now, some sloppy code relating to the contractor fallback solution, @dellonia did you have construction going on in your airport?


Here you go. Enjoy


I also reported this there was construction at the time, it runs fine when not building anything


Yeah, I’ve found two issues here, will update with a hotfix soon.


11104 - Fuel trucks are frozen


The report number is the 11105.
Concerning your question, yes i had some construction going on (since i’m trying to build the biggest airport possible and was doing some design trials). But it also happened with any undergoing constructions. When the bug happened, i was just restarting the game every time it happened to be sure passenger could pass through the security and not delay all scheduled planes. My airlines satisfaction shrank from ~80% to ~35% (which makes me think the rest was working well).
Update : actually, it looks like that it only happens when i do some constructions.
Update 2 : it still happens without starting constructions + some vehicules looks to be affected and do not park at the right place (image below).