Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


They had speech bubbles - looks as though you’ve fixed it in the update though.

Have submitted 11295 - ramp agents not aborting missed tasks.

As a side note, I would urge more bug fixes before deploying multiple floors - so much of the pathfinding/job system is still broken, and will get exponentially worse over multiple floors.


That should have read 11225 (and have submitted 11226 as well - further ramp agent woes)


Before 12.6, my very large airport was running relatively smoothly. Just a 15-minute delay here or there. Even worked well in the internal branch. I decided to try it (from a pre-12.6 & pre-30 save) in 12.6 to see the new features, and now I notice many aircraft are delayed over 1.5 hours mostly waiting on the outgoing baggage. Some of it could be because of the size of my airport, but it is very noticeable now making me thing maybe the vehicle pathfinding/dispatching isn’t fine-tuned anymore? Been noticing the truck to take the outgoing baggage increasingly comes from random depots/lots, mostly the farthest from it (is it being dispatched based on its sorting system in the vehicle display page) even when there are free vehicles in a lot right next to the bay (coincidentally the last vehicles in the vehicle display page).

Bug 11228


These are the new planes for those who want to see them


You at Apoasis Studios are already heros, today you’re superhero’s. :wink:

Thanks for this fix, now service vehicles are overtaking too. Almost ever … got one dead lock with opposite traffic just after the first load of a save, but didn’t happen yet again. I’ll keep an eye on it, as I’m not sure if it happened because of the first load after the update only.

edit: Just experienced a situation, where a fuel truck and a sevice car from the opposite direction blocked each other, when the fuel truck wanted to enter a medium stand. After a short wait, the service car started to move again.
As far as I remember, a fuel truck and a service car have been involved in the description above, in a same situation. Guess the waiting shuttle bus just in front of the fuel truck has been by accident and not being directly involved.
Overtaking happens still flawless for now. Will further investigate.

edit2: Did a bug report for the fuel truck entering the (medium) stand now: ACEO-11239


Do passengers need to jump over to jetway (A320)? Is it supposed to happen? :joy:

Link for mods :
it’s my friend’s mod please support it :slight_smile:


enjoying new GA :sunglasses:


We have quite a bit to go before multiple floors would go default so that’s not of any immediate concern, continued bug fixing around, especially remote stands, will of course be an always big priority.

No, you should be fine with just a paved default runway! :slight_smile:

This might very well be the case, enabling proper overtaking for service vehicles is quite experimental and there was also a few other fixes and changes in -6 that might affect other parts of the simulation. That’s how it is sometimes on the experimental branch, we find a bug that is caused by a certain behavior, we patch that bug and run a bunch of tests on the affected save but then also on a few of our own default airports to ensure that it’s not immediately affecting the overall functionality. However, given the fact that there are so many changing variables in Airport CEO and that there is an insane amount of combinations regarding how airports can be built and simulated its very difficult to uncover all cases in which a new feature may break.

So that’s how it goes, we fix bugs, sometimes we fix bugs with more experimental solutions and they may end up breaking a relatively “stable” experimental build, we then patch those breaking points with the help of bug reports until we’ve again stabilized the versions including the initially experimental solution.


Road vehicles movement was totally broken after last update
Many vehicles overlap and get stuck at intersections.
Unnocupy all road nodes does not help.


An old problem with the ramp agents delivery continues. Service cars stucked.
Each service stop assigned to 4 stands (assignes to 2 stands does not solve problem, just less stuck)


ACEO-11248 Shuttle buses unloading at wrong stop

Shuttle buses bringing passengers back to shuttle bus stops after they have missed their flight will go to a stop which is not assigned to the stand the plane was on


Seems to be an issue with the picture for the modular sofa.


Please squeeze Aircraft modding in Alpha 30 :disappointed_relieved:
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Bug 11305. Staff are not going to the staff room their secure area, instead walking longer distances to staff rooms in non-secure areas… again…


Any Devblog today?


Should be yes later. Six to eight hours give it I’d suggest. Olof may prove me wrong of course :wink:


Soon™, mostly on mondays.


Soon™, mostly on mondays.

More like;

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Actually I’m seriously worried about the devs sleep patterns sometimes. I mean, they kinda like working 28 ours each day it seems