Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Sounds awesome, we need bigger, better airports :smiley:


what kind of big changes will the alpha 30 bring ?
I heard about the double floor feature. Would it also bring less frame drops when there is more than 10k passengers in the airport ? What about bigger maps ? all that combined would be awesome!


30 is the new soundtrack but multi floor is a long way out!


Double floor is not very necessary feature imho. I think fixing ramp agents delivery service is more important at this moment. With 30+ remote stands I have very unstable airport. With disabling ramp agent service my airports works excellent without delays.


I agree. I have the same problems with my larger builds coupled with service vehicles somehow never getting the closest job; it’s always the farthest vehicles for the jobs, creating my delays. Then my staff are going to a “physically closer” room, but that’s before pathfinding. Once pathfinding has kicked in, it is over twice as long of a walk, passing the room in the secure area they really ought to default to, because really what person walks past on break room to go to another, while still on the clock.

However, I am convinced that once a staff person is free from a task the system is like “ok, shortest straight line distance to a staff room, regardless of obstacles/zones, and GO!” then they’re off never to reconsider a better option. What’s worse is it’s twice as bad if they are in a room and they are summoned for a task in the same manner, and it happens to force them through a security lane, wasting more time…


Good evening CEOs,

We spent the whole day fully focusing on bug solving efforts, especially once again targeting remote stand irregularities and stability improvements along with some other stuff. Here’s Alpha 29.12-7 (experimental) which should be the last Alpha 29 update(!)´as large new changes in Alpha 30 is blocking continued bug fixing and feature implementation of the experimental branch. Change logs:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-7


  • [ACEO-11306] - Ensure remote boarding does not start before remote deboarding is completed
  • [ACEO-11307] - Added red taxiway icon to runway entrances/exits not properly connected to the taxiway system
  • [ACEO-11313] - Various remote stand stability improvements


  • [ACEO-11123] - Fight planner auto-planning feature does not respect time separation for remote stands
  • [ACEO-11157] - Gate door doesn't set as secure if zone has previously been cleared
  • [ACEO-11235] - Runway connection error displayed if stand doesn't accept commercial or GA
  • [ACEO-11297] - Rare exception on rescheduling flights can cause planes to not land

Unfortunately this mean we had no time today to write a proper dev blog, we’ll do this tomorrow instead. This is our ambitious schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Last iteration of Alpha 30 and new internal deploy, next dev blog with updates on multi floor
Wednesday: Alpha 30 merged and deployed into experimental branch
Thursday: Internal testing of new interactive tutorial panel
Friday: General bug fixing and multi-floor work

Depending on the stability of Alpha 30, that will also most likely see daily updates as we go live with it on exp.


No Dev Blog :scream: I understand though.


Has anyone noticed an uptick in lag when removing walls, specifically in secure zones? I think (sometimes) the game removes the zone with the wall causing the lag. However, I do notice the zone does not always remove with the removal of a wall. Sometimes it happens with the bulldoze tool; sometimes it happens if I control-click when building walls; sometimes it just lags, but the zone remains regardless of the method used to remove. Really odd and frustrating when I’m waiting half 15 sec for a wall removal to complete.


That may very well be true, there’s some very large changes coming up with multiple floors in terms of the grid design and instantiation. We’ll take a look at building performance as multiple floor is being rolled out!


Good evening, last Alpha 29 update ever rolling out now! Dev blog arriving later tonight and we’re currently on-point with the previously mentioned schedule.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-8


  • [ACEO-11050] - Rare none-existent fuel truck bug can cause parking lot spaces to be incorrectly occupied
  • [ACEO-11330] - Incorrect distance value check for occupying vehicles at service car stops can cause vehicles to stall


Not sure if this is related to the latest update or was happening before in the same manner but it seems that ramp agents finish prematurely before bags are loaded, causing a stall on remote stands.

The ramp agents just leave as soon as the service round finishes so when the bag loading phase starts there is no one to load the bags, stalling the remote stand.

Not sure how to reproduce outside of just having a functional remote stand setup.
Bug for this is ACEO-11348 and it is happening on exp branch, 29.12-8.


Yes, I confirm this.


Does anyone else have a memory out problem during game process? After some playing time, the entire memory of my computer is full. Especially after several saves / reloads.


Above issue I mentioned seems to be worse: I’m noticing the same effect on normal stands as well (med stand with Jetway).

(stuck in the same state for 16h and counting; plenty of available ramp agents)

While I’ve had plenty of issues with remote stands up until now the jetway stands have always worked flawlessly for me.


How much RAM is it using for you? or are you referring to disk space?

Task Manager shows my instance using up 3.2GB RAM on a med-large airport. @Olof is that within expectations?


I can also confirm the issue with the ramp agents. Agents are loading baggage but do not unload it first/at all. Agents do not arrive at stands (remote&standard) or leave to early.
So something is broken which was not beforehand :wink: Looks like one of those code checkins late in the evening that one might have better not done hehe…


@ismtz, I have the same issue after some time of game play no matter which of my saves I am playing. I notice sometimes I get a slight increase if I open my F10 menu, and regenerate all contracts. I have several mods enables, and I feel like a lot of contracts being offered and never accepted just adds to background stuff the game is handling. @Olof, am I crazy in this thought, LOL?


I’ve found the ramp agent issue, will deploy a new version very shortly.


At what time do you guys in Norway work? It’s been 10pm here…
Anyways, kudos for the dedication!


Well, it’s 10PM here in Sweden as well… :wink: - we work around the clock… early access life baby!