Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


I sometimes have a problem similar to yours happen in my game instance. One quick fix I have found is to turn off the security stations that PAX seem to be avoiding, then to turn them back on. After the new guards arrive, they should go back to working as normal and accepting PAX.


Hi Devs, if it isn’t too difficult to explain, would you mind explaining how the service trucks are assigned their to flights’ outgoing luggage tasks? I assign 1 truck to a gate, then I have an extra stationed in a lot/depot right near the gate’s assigned baggage bay. Yet, I get the impression that when a service truck task is available, the game is giving it to the next available truck as set in the games sorting system (license plates, alphabetically). I come to this conclusion because without a doubt these trucks indeed are the ones to always get the tasks (my lower-in-the-alphabet license plated trucks get less utilized), and in order to satiate my OCD with what we are given with the current vehicle sorting lists, I group my trucks as they are given to us in those sorted lists so I can easily just count 20 in a row for 1 depot/7 in a row for 1 lot; not having to scroll through 10 pages to make sure all my gates are good and my allocation over my airport is well-balanced. Yet these efforts are still getting thwarted. Can the truck task assignment system not be similar/the same as the staff task assignment system? I.E. closest available truck to the first part of the task gets the task?


Personally, I keep a service truck on the stand, which is always the one to unload the bags + (num of stands / 2) extra service trucks to help deal with bag loading and I haven’t noticed your problem.

Also, never noticed vehicles from a far away lot being used if the ones closer are available.


I was wondering if there was a plan to implement a possibility to set a terminal number for one airport part. I have now 2 buildings / fondations which are not connected at all. I linked bus and metro station in each terminal but i have the issue that passenger are not getting out at the right bus stop or metro station (i have 2 per buildings so 4 “transportation terminal”). As a result, passengers have to walk all the way up to the right building and cause huge delays in departures. Is there any plan to add a zone marking (like the staff room, toilets, etcs.) to define each terminals ?
Plus, i also have the same issue where passengers are all going to specific security gates and not spreading evenly to all gates. Finally, is there any advantage to get medium security gates ? every time i’m using them, they let passenger pass through at the same rate as small stand, making them, in my opinion, useless compared to the small ones since i can just put more of the small one.


This is a big issue when making larger builds. That passengers arrive at the “wrong” bus stop or metro station


The game does not support multiple terminals at this time but im sure it will come. I get round it by having the entrances of my terminals next to each other with a centralised transport hub in between.

Medium security is required for three star contracts with airlines.


Yes I have that issue too. I believe there will be a system to address these issues at some point in the future.


Same here and it works pretty well though I would recommend going for a single terminal setup to avoid delays.


I don’t know if its an ACEO issue but I made mod pack with 4 airlines… Today I made 5th airline and tried to upload it to steam… I went to native mods and I saw that mod was not posing up! I am very upset… I can sent images if you want or know how to fix it

(I tried deleting the new airline from mod folder, still didn’t pop up ;c)


No alpha 30 yet?


Not sure, as mentioned in the change log there was an experimental change to the queue distribution system, most likely a cause.

Will be looking into that, as mentioned above it was another experimental change! :slight_smile:

Yeah, something we’ll look at after multi terminal!

No, quite a large change, currently working on the final details, unsure exactly when we’ll ship, i.e. if it’ll be tonight or tomorrow.


Thank you for response I noticed old runway/taxiway textures were nicer than now

Taxiways have curves and runway has arrows which is more realistic… I think :thought_balloon:
@Olof @Fredrik


Taxiways have curves and runway has arrows which is more realistic… I think :thought_balloon:

Wait a second when these features are added?


How do you have your equipement parked like that?


I think the pics are most probably from one of the first videos of the game that is on Youtube


That’s ACEO teaser video :slight_smile:


That’s ACEO teaser video :slight_smile:

Ahh I see, the VERY VERY old video. Well it is normal then :slight_smile:


Ill be sit-in’ here waiting for Alpha 30 to drop! :grinning: Thank you developers for such a great game !


yet still waiting :slight_smile:


how long are you planning to wait haha :wink: