Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Same issue here. Saved with 29.3.2, loaded with 29.3.3 and all staff & pax gone. New Passengers arrive from arriving planes.

Also I used the debug menu to spawn staff and now I have a lot of staff with the job title “all” :confused:


You can select their specific job types in the menu when you press “All”




After testing i come to the conclusion the game cannot load load persondata.json, while it can rewrite it to somethign i can load in a different branch.
Even getting new pax and staff doesn’t survive a save and realod in 29.3-3


It’s most likely caused by a de-serialization bug relating to baggage cart, it’s using an old method to spawn the carts (which was refactored but apparently not everywhere) which is causing the issue. I’ve fixed it now and an update will be available tomorrow. Fredrik’s been celebrating his 30th birthday today (:cake:) and I’ve been working externally all day hence the non-deployment (can’t deploy from my mac). I’ve also fixed a critical issue with belt loaders and have been running long tests with baggage and remote stands to sort out some minor simulation errors, along with other improvements. Will update the Trello board soon and we’ll get Alpha 29.3-4 out as soon as possible!


You all remember the times when it was Tomorrow, or this Evening, or Thursday? Those were the days.


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There’s a few upcoming changes that a few people here might look forward to for the next version:




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Praise be to the devs

only took 18798 times


Are we looking for an update at some point this day? Or is there still more testing to be done?


There will be one later today, running tests currently!


Nice can’t wait to see it later today!

Yes I am still around LOL!


Well done!!! Time was essential!


Woah, do my eyes deceive me? Is time really going to be slowed down?


Evening awesome people. :slight_smile: We are working on stabilizing this branch and mainly fixing a bunch of bugs. We have also reduced time by around 40%, which has been requested by many of you. This should fix many delay problems and will be tweaked even more over time. Enjoy :smiley:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.4-0


  • [ACEO-8478] - Adjusted boarding desk size to accommodate narrow terminal layouts
  • [ACEO-8479] - Slightly improved boarding desk sprite
  • [ACEO-8480] - Slightly improved information desk sprite
  • [ACEO-8482] - Slowed down time progression to accommodate for better simulation flow


  • [ACEO-8379] - Departure baggage stuck on stand after baggage loader leaves.
  • [ACEO-8407] - Baggage stuck on the belt loader
  • [ACEO-8467] - Ramp agent not unloading baggage
  • [ACEO-8475] - Vehicles queued for spawning become visible at prior to spawn
  • [ACEO-8476] - Baggage unloaded for arriving flight with belt loader truck stalls unloading process
  • [ACEO-8477] - Deserialisation of baggage carts uses incorrect method causing null reference exception


While I agree slowing down time was a good move, 40% is a lot in terms of balancing the gameplay. I would advise to look into business side of things because in theory the game has just got a lot easier, in fact 40% easier. I have some rather lengthy suggestions as to how this should be tackled. You can always PM me :wink:


40% is a lot in terms of balancing the gameplay. I would advise to look into business side of things because in theory the game has just got a lot easier, in fact 40% easier.

Game is already on its early stages, the processes that real airports have but ACEO doesn’t have (may or may not have in future) are;

  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • De-Ice
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Sanitation
  • Crew boarding, deboarding
  • Low deck cargo loading/unloading
  • Aircraft towing
  • Aircraft hangar operations
  • Emergencies; Fire, Police, Medical, Customs departments
  • Passport check
  • Multiple security checks
  • Pray rooms
  • (and many more I don’t know yet)

So in future, maybe 40% would not be enough to handle all these operations.


I agree, but that was not the point I was trying to make. Timewise, handling turnaround may require even more time slowdowns. My point was about balancing fiscal side of things. You are now able in theory to process 40% more aircraft without incurring higher maintenance costs.