Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Sent a bug repo today ( ACEO 8515 ) because i have no pax checking in for remote stand ( look in the pic stand c1,c2,c3 and c4). I’ve tried also to reload the game but nothing has changed


Sent some bug reports about stuck service cars, an UI-bug, some pax running around in the nowhere and, finally, flightplanner problems, as I can not reschedule flights any more…

And, unfortunately, remote stands are still having problems with processing in time. still boarding starts to late and causes delays… :frowning:

Nevertheless Version 29.3-3 and/or 29.4-0 are a huge improvement in performance. and it seems as if pathfinding made a huge step forward - even if I hadn’t tested it with a bigger airport, yet.

Thanks to you, @Fredrik and @Olof !

PLEASE keep on optimizing and bugsolving existing features, before implementing new stuff!


Everything will get tweaked eventually.
Including the maintenance costs of things as well as the turnaround time for small, medium, large planes to better accommodate the slowdown.
In addition the time slow down is not final, we can still play around with it (maybe 30% is better than 40% etc)

In the end it’s all about a fine balance to make the game fun (and not be in depth the next 2 years before you can add 1 extra gate :stuck_out_tongue: )


Do you have any notifications from ATC in your notification center? And if they’re disabled I’d advise to turn them on, the system spawns notifications when a check-in desk cannot be booked. If you do have them on and nothing happens then there might indeed be an issue.


In my opinion it all depends on how big the airport is and how the assignment of tasks is handled.

Example: how does it take for a plane to reach the gate once landed? In my opinion service vehicles should be already waiting at the gate or at least triggers the request as soon as the plane has landed and not waiting until it reaches the gate. Also airport staff: they need to be both inside and outside secure areas. If an airport staff that is inside the secure area takes a task of doing the checkin desk, there’s a secure chance (in a big airport) that he will be late, so again, we need to able to trigger the assignment of tasks based on the scale of the airport.

These tweaks in my opinion are more important that the time itself.


Im sure Olof can talk more about his plans, but there is an idea to assign vehicles to stands so they are parked at the gate


I’d say that if possible, the nearest idling agent should be dispatched to the job task (right now it seems to be random), and that we should be able to tell idle staff to go to certain staff rooms NOW. This will help CEOs ironing out everything in the long run by distributing more personnel and more staff rooms throughout the airport.

Think of it like this: if I have a finger with fifteen medium stands, sending two guys through my employee-only security check to gate A01 is quicker than ordering the guys from gate A15 over.

Also on the plus side: once staff can be sent to staff rooms, I can finally send myself to my new shiny office. Right now I and the whole board stay in the old staff room that allowed us to enter when the first car dropoff was built, even though the staff room does no longer allow any board member to join it.


Detaching roads from stands would aid this idea quite well.


I do have notifications on from ATC and they don’t say nothing about it… i’ll try one more time to check if i’ve missed something


Guess simulation speed is implemented as a single variable which needs to be changed?

If so, how about adding simulation speed into game/difficulty settings? So anyone could decide for himself which simulation speed he likes to use.


We can’t really do that, we’ve worked on this update now (Alpha 29) for over two months and as you say the difference is huge. We’ll now have to start getting some new actual content into the game, as that is part of our contract with you the CEOs who’ve supported us throughout this early access phase. If we continue to polish and polish until everything becomes excellent, the game will never move forward. Instead we’ll revert to a balanced divide between new feature implementation and continued bug fixing and optimization, as opposed to only working on performance which we’ve done for quite some time now. Don’t you want those large aircraft, catering and other things to get into the game?

That will happen eventually! :slight_smile:

That won’t happen at this point unfortunately. Bug solving is already difficult with the millions of different ways an airport can be setup, if we also include the option to change the pace of time we’ll have a whole new dimension of issues to consider. This change we did now show that a lot of the systems are in fact quite solid when it comes to time but at least in the early access stage this won’t be something we’ll allow.


I still feel as to implement larger aircraft more buses will need to be added, even now, how do you get 150 people into 1 bus, when I took a 757 this past week we needed 3 buses and even then we were sardines :(. Just send multiple buses and make them in use (yes right now several buses are going to the gates for some reason)


Thx for your reply Olof.

While I understand it may be to early for a simulation speed setting due to easier bug fixing, I hope you keep such an setting in your mind to look at it again some time further down the road. :smiley:


The business side of the game seems to be in infant state; there is so much non-logical stuff in the engine atm. I hope that part of the game will get more realistic later on.


Same here… game freezes for 10s every hours @ 58min. It’s not related to autosave as I have it disabled.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.4-1


  • [ACEO-8521] - Reduced number of days auto planner is allowed to plan flights to prevent spikes


  • [ACEO-8308] - Shopping bag can get stuck on security belts
  • [ACEO-8457] - Contractor retrieval through bus does not work as a null reference exception by object pooler is thrown
  • [ACEO-8503] - Demolition of check-in desk when being constructed can throw errors
  • [ACEO-8518] - Busses and cars keep spawning even if stops are not constructed
  • [ACEO-8528] - Contractor bus not de-serializing correctly


This idea has been around for a while, still would prefer to connect vehicle to depots, and depots to stands; thats a lot less relationships to manage.


Is the Mac version still to be deployed?


29.4.1 landed over here just now.

lol; the quote is not being placed by the forum; okay, I just scripted around it.


I had to redo it, please try now. :slight_smile: