Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Update queued Yeah! :heart_eyes:


Suggestion; a depot should have a check build in, that its connected service road can reach a vehicle checkpoint.

Why does the TAXIWAY overlay disable when you build a runway?

Security zone filter also disabled on building terminal blocks.

A medium stand should refuse to open when there is no push-back-truck on the airfield :wink:

I just had 3 push back trucks servicing 1 plane. - 8534

Whats up with fired staff showing up in applicants menu?

Can we get a slider that forces all objects that are new/delivered are in a CLOSED state? (Rooms, secure checkpoints, toilets, etc, etc).


Have busses been turbo charged on their schedule? I’m getting so many now. Never had them like this before? 8536


I have this too! :smiley: - 8537

Phantom baggage counter still around? No baggage system, counter on 733.

Any of you experience exploding cleaning task numbers?

Could we maybe get a SHIFT select in Vehicles list, so we can assign several vehicles to a certain depot?

PAX that are queued on a security station, will keep being processed if you switch allowance.


I believe that includes now the baggage that is carry on, IE the baggage the PAX lug around with them.


For the buses, does that keep happening over several in-game days or does it eventually clear?


It does not clear at all, I send you a bug report, a reload fixes it though.

Did 2 already.


I did load it, it does not happen for me. Quite strange, but am investigating.


Could it be dueue to runnning in 3x?


Only ran at single speed.


Ever since 29.3 I have been moaning about it…

I had a spike to 6000 jobs for janitors in 2h before the game crashed due to being unable to handle pathfinding


Janitors I’m finding are in a bubble right now. If there’s so many jobs they do not seem to cope, if there are non nd you have enough they keep things up to date. About a 1000 PAX build with 16 Janitors. Hiring more just didn’t seem to clear the backlog. A Save and reload and they are keeping the place clean and tidy.


:slight_smile: lets see next reload. - 500-1000 PAX on field

Most delay warnings we got on testing seem to have dissapeared though, the airfield seems to run smoothly.


It’s caused by the job task system change, janitors right now do not take distance to jobs into account. It causes them to run around all over the airport and they are very, very inefficient at cleaning. This will get addressed in the next update.

Edit: Bus issue has been fixed, update your game again (still Alpha 29.4-1)! :slight_smile:


It seems that many bus stops will divert the bus pileups for now.

Oh, did you already re-upload 4-1?


Yes, it’s been fixed, hot fix. Loading a save will clear it and it won’t happen again.


Stuck gameport due to deleing a security station.

Can the algorithm for splitting queues also be applied to restaurants, the people entering your airport all enter the closest shop to entry, not the one with a small queue.

When you disable (not close) a GA stand, while a plane is on it, it looses the default runway path it seems. So then you get an error from the plane, that it cannot go to the runway quoted. But due to more runways being available, they left anyhow.

In Operations, on Security, Ramp Agents and Airport Staff; can we get a MAX call amount (excluding brakes), like; how many of them would be needed the moment all locations on the airport would do a request?


What does that mean?

Edit: Right, I saw your bug report. An exception was thrown disabling the UI. Will be fixed in next update.


11 planes queueing wihtou cause. When closing the runway, they do not switch runways.



on reload

btw; it seemed a GA plane was blocking the runway for some reason.

When looking @ my above bug, stand S001 throws route issues for Ramp Agents now and then, but I dont know why.


No busses spawn - 8546

Edit; unoccupy road nodes once after bugreporting, made them appear. While I opened/closed them before that.

Businessroom pileup.

Edit; onuccupy person nodes does not help. (tried after submitting)

Lol, bot was editing too

Edit 2; they get moving on a reload, but they dont leave the shop, just pile in front of the desk.

Removing the shop got a lot of them moving.

Placing / removing secure zone did not help.

Second reload free’d them all up.