Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released


When is the new devblog coming? @Olof? @Fredrik?


Mate, they are usually about 2:00am GMT


Oh yeah. How didn’t I remember that? :rofl:




Please dear executives, again lets try to keep the discussion here relating only to Alpha 30! :wink:


Alpha 30.1-5 going up now. A lot of great reports coming in from this weekend’s deployment. This will be the first of this week’s either two or three deployments, more info on why in the dev blog out now.

This is rolled out on the experimental branch, we will most likely transition to default before the weekend with Alpha 30.1-6 or -7.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 30.1-5


  • [ACEO-11963] - Item activation toggling caused by parent room activation status spawns excessive audio effects
  • [ACEO-11969] - Minor typo in tutorial step text
  • [ACEO-12014] - Persons aborting an activity while queuing for a desk does not reduce its queue count number correctly causing poor queue distribution balance


Can’t wait Alpha 32-33! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Alpha 31 Small but gets a lot of people playing from other countries!
Alpha 34 - aircraft maintenance?


In about alpha 33


Hi, great soundtrack, love it. Just a question, have you considered releasing the soundtrack outside of the game? I’m a huge fan of soundtracks from movies and games and would so like to walk down the streets where I live with this soundtrack in my ears. I am certain other feel the same way too.
I know of other games that has released their soundtrack as a downloadable content through steam.


Welcome to the Airport CEO Forum! I also really hope that the soundtrack will be released on like Spotify or iTunes or something.


Right now we’re looking into bundling it as a DLC on Steam and possibly to provide it via Bandcamp. It will, in the future, of course be made available via Spotify too.


Yeah, exactly, we realize it’s a “small” update since the only thing you’re getting is a different language but the development effort to make that possible is quite large. But it’s handled separately by @Alexander so we do expect these three Alpha 3X updates coming within quite close proximity of each other and you can never have too many or frequent updates, right? :slight_smile:


I did not play for quite some time, waiting to have big changes and stable version (last time i had too many problems with remote stands (now corrected i believe :wink: ) . Happy to see that all these incoming updates will be close to each other ;). Keep up the good work, can’t wait :wink:


I have an issue where my ramp agents aren’t doing their jobs. So my baggage bays require six ramp agents per side, but there are more than 24 in that room. As far as I know, some of them have claimed jobs like baggage loading, but they are not moving. And I’ve tried to refresh the game many times.


This will be fixed in a few minutes! :slight_smile:


Alpha 30.1-6 is now a thing (again on the experimental branch):

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 30.1-6


  • [ACEO-12033] - Enable the job task dispatching system to automatically detect and mark suitable job tasks as prioritized


  • [ACEO-11882] - Boarding process can in rare instances stall despite all departing passengers havingboarded
  • [ACEO-11989] - Hard coded requirement of at least three onboarded ramp agents per remote service car can cause remote stand transfer process to stall
  • [ACEO-12001] - Path usage when leaving seats can cause get nearest node method to displace persons
  • [ACEO-12013] - Deserialized baggage bays generate duplicate job tasks
  • [ACEO-12034] - Remote stand job tasks for flights that are delayed past 00:00 of the same day get incorrectly generated starting time causing further delays


Thank you!

*It also helped to close and re-open the baggage bays.



I´m having problems with the ramp agents for the remote stands. First, in many cases, the service car is picking up +10 ramp agents for ONE stand, and often is maybe only eight taken back to the terminal, and the two there is left back at the stand stocked. Am I the only one having this problem?

I have reported the bug. I do not remember which of the bug numbers it is of the following:
12018 or 12019


I’m having them take 8 and return with a number that I don’t know.


Question: Is it normal for ramp agents to take longer to unload/load bags at stands compared to unload/load bags at baggage bays?