Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released


It would be nice to see the same done with a copy of the game updates, sonwe can easely scroll through thebchangesnmadenas well without the discussion that comes in these threads (but still keep this discussion thread as well)


@Olof Are you guys using any of the new automation features they added to Trello??!! :smiley::smiley: They look super fun!


I wish someday Airport CEO will be in 3D :star_struck:


I wish someday Airport CEO will be in 3D :star_struck:

I wish not. The beauty of AirportCEO is grid system and being 2D while details give 3D feeling.


Actually, i would wish a 3d plan to navigate between floors and build them correctly.
IMO, the game is way easier to play in 2D than in 3D if you want to build large airport. However, I also think it would be a mess to not have a tilted plan (like 45° with a fixed camera). I really hope the multiple floor will allow us to have more than just 1 extra floor but, in the futur, build 3-4 floors (for instance, the airport in Geneva has 5 floors if we take in account all all the rooms from the parking lot, train station, stores outside the secured aera and the terminal). The risk to make a mistake or have a bad view on the whole will be hard without a tilted camera. Airport CEO should be able to get this feature since the 3d models looks to be in 3d and a tilted camera is fixed at a certain angle, thus the game is still in 2D and not in 3D.


How about a building mode which uses top-down 3D/2D, then if you’re finished it will revert back to full 3D?


I would say the game is already in 3D. If you zoom in and move the camera you will see each object showing a different side depending on its position on your screen. I am not sure if this is the case all objects (especially for older ones) but new objects are def designed in 3D.


From what i knew, the in-game models were a top-down sprites (?) of the 3D models made by Jettuh. So, ACEO is a full 2D utilizing 3D ‘hacks’ :wink:

Anyway, isn’t this discussion unrelated to Alpha 30 as a whole?


Lol, when Railroad Tycoon 3 turned out to be 3d, I never got used to the grid… never played it.

This happened in Anno 1404 in the most zoomed in view, then the game changed in a 3d view. All other zoom levels were 2d.


I have the same feeling, and I thought I had read somewhere that there were many more tracks to the soundtrack.(like 10 or so).
The tracks I do hear are just awesome. When I think about mixing a soundtrack for an airport tycoon my brain just goes: “Hell, how do I know. No damn clue what kind of music fits in an airport game.” But this soundtrack fits perfectly, great choice of music. What brings me back to the initial quote. I would like to hear more tracks like this. :pleading_face:


also prison archieat had hidden 3D mode which is accessible via extras page on main page its turns in 3D from 2D - to revert back - same way to exit from 3D mode


30.1.9 change log?



Oh, sorry about that. Some miscommunication from our side. Here you go! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 30.1-9


  • [ACEO-12187] - New employee tool sprite added
  • [ACEO-12219] - Cost for expanding airport added to funds after completing the regional airport phase
  • [ACEO-12267] - Better exception logging for coroutine execution to uncover issue with ACEO-10338


  • [ACEO-10955] - Bulldozing terminal foundation returns incorrect funds value
  • [ACEO-11780] - Medium stands are loaded as small on older saves
  • [ACEO-12050] - Various spelling mistakes in tutorial



4 days from last release, no bug, no reply, no comments. Pretty boring days for devs, I believe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Means everything is on track :wink:


The devs were visiting rebootdevelop, but as you can see they have been coding as well :+1:


The trello is looking v promising for big updates


I did stayed home with my kid and also worked intensely on multiple-floor. :slight_smile: This is one of the reasons the experimental branch has not been prioritized last week.


Good to hear Frederik! Cant wait to See new multiple Floor progress!


Actually i would rather have less bug updates (especially if they are not critical for playing) than every day or so. It will leave them more time to develop the multi-floor, big planes and services ! I’m so excited to see them coming out !