Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released


Why are you upset when they have been so clear in dev blogs that these features are still being worked on but are not ready?


I think they said enough that this will be a Audio update. :slight_smile:

I like the update so far.


I like it too… I knew it would be mostly audio but still there was small sign of multiple floors or large aircraft :slight_smile:

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They are Apoapsis Studios. Top billing :slight_smile: Or orbit you could say :rofl:


Great update! Great work as always! :grinning:

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Who is going to be the first to complain about a bug? Oh, me I guess. Traffic getting stuck is still a thing. Submitted a bug report. I tried the clear nodes trick and it worked on some stuck delivery trucks, but I have a bus that is blocking traffic that won’t clear. Also, don’t think PAX are spreading out among the security checkpoints as well as intended. I’ve had multiple times where I look and notice there is no one in a specific security line while everyone goes to ones right next to it.


Very cool!

Is the soundtrack available online or in the game files somewhere? I’m just curious about what kind of music has been added :slight_smile:


Only the behind the scenes YT video outside of the game I believe. Unless you’re Olof or Fredrik.


Same here:

EDIT: actually, after I did the F10 trick (to clear the nodes) and reloading the game a few times, I haven’t noticed the issue again.

I’ll keep an eye out for this though.


I’d like to see what you can manage, like this A380 diversion to CGK:


Bug 11456 - i have most of my pax heading to the one security check point, not the others.

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Traffic get stuck … !!!


I can’t read which version you are playing?

In A30.0-0 it works very well for me. I never ever got full queues for quite a long while now. PAX spread quite well for the different security check points, only the most right looks to be used less often.


Enjoying gameplay :sunglasses:


This worked for me:

  1. at the fastest game speed, press F10 and then click on Clear Road Nodes
  2. keep doing this until you see your vehicles one inside another
  3. Quit & Save game to desktop
  4. re-open game and reload save
  5. switch to fastest speed again and see if the traffic clears

You may have to do 1-5 several times depending on how serious the traffic jam is.
I had to do it twice on a med-large airport.

Afterwards, you should not get this again.

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Did you play on higher game speeds? Have read some other issues with players that saw similar behaviour on higher game speeds. Have not tested it myself, but there could be a patern :wink:


Save and reload works for me. Don’t have to close the whole game.

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Did you reduce the ambient sounds somehow? When looking from above at my airport (not the highest possible view) I do not hear anything (music off) except for departing planes. No sounds of planes taxxiing or some people background noise.

Edit: In the loading screen I still have the kind of “background noise”, but after loading is finished it is gone.

Edit 2: When running tripple speed I still have that background noise.




When pushing through version 29.12-10 vehicle deadlocks should have been gone, but i’m experiencing more of them. I’ve send in ACEO-11486 for it, where i’ve explained it’s Always when a vehicle is overtaking without enough room for oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.

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